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Fusion of Hatha Yoga and Pilates Mat. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of both disciplines?

They are mixed sessions of Yoga and Pilates techniques. Pilates is a method born of the fusion of classical yoga and Swedish gymnastics. Many of the postures created in classical Yoga are part of the Pilates method. We could say that Yoga and Pilates are close relatives. The Pilates method focuses more on the part of correction and postural hygiene (more western), without delving so much into the subtlety of the breathing, meditation and energetic techniques offered by yoga (more Eastern). In the sessions of YOGAPILATES, the
Pilates exercises interspersed with techniques of: Concentration, Relaxation, Visualization, as well as a good respiratory work (Pranayama), more typical of Yoga. Pilates classes are a little softer, without reaching the depth and spirituality of Yoga.

The yogapilates method is designed to increase strength and elasticity, localizes the strength in the center (abdominal area, buttocks and lumbar), develops the body harmoniously, lengthening the muscles, toning the body, improving posture and developing the
coordination, stimulating blood circulation. The exercises done with precision and a lot of fluidity need all our attention to increase the control and total balance of the body and mind. With the practice of yogapilates you will learn to control the movements of your body with great precision, to relax, to breathe better and to eliminate tension and stress from your body and mind.


  • A YogaPilates session lasts 60 minutes
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Respiratory and body preparation
  • Dynamic Pilates exercises: Where strength, fluidity, precision, control of the center, concentration and breathing are worked.
  • Pranayama: techniques of expansion and respiratory control to activate and channel energy and promote full psycho-physical development.
  • Dharana: mental concentration exercises that expand awareness, developing creativity, understanding and intuitive knowledge.