With Ludmila Bevilacqua

Integral Yoga is a combination of specific traditional methods. Its objective is the harmonious development of all aspects of the human being. That is, the physical body, the emotional, intellectual and spiritual parts. Its objective is to offer practitioners a useful tool to live a happy, calm and healthy life. This style of yoga consists of creating awareness and harmonizing the different levels of experience in human beings. The body, mind, and spirit align and create a unified space. This specific method offers a synthesis of various styles of yoga using asanas, breathing exercises (pranayamas) and sanitation practices (kriyas). In this way, a more internalized work of deep relaxation, meditation and introspection is achieved to strengthen and purify the body.

Group and private classes

Monday & Wednesday at 7pm in AyurVida Ibiza

“I believe that yoga must adapt to the practitioner and that is why I find in Integral Yoga the flexibility necessary to create a complete class that fits the context of each day and the level of each student. Without losing the solid foundations of Hatha Yoga, I allow myself to combine other styles such as Yin Yoga (calmer yoga) and Ashtanga Vinyasa (yoga with more fluid movement) to offer variety in practices. I always combine physical practice with breathing exercises (pranayamas) and with a guided meditation to finish, which accompanies all the work done in class. The objective of my classes is to provide the necessary tools to heal body, mind and spirit. ”

“I am Argentina living in Spain for more than two years and I have practiced different styles of yoga for five years. I started studying classical dance from a very young age and I dedicated myself professionally to this discipline until I was 20 years old. This has made me provided a broad knowledge of human anatomy and its expression in movement. I have always been passionate about body care on a physical level and spirituality, but only when yoga comes into my life can I combine these two areas finding my true passion, which allows me to heal my body, mind and spirit, and teach others to do it. In January 2020 I did a 200TTC (200 hour intensive training for yoga teachers) in India, which enriched me greatly and provided the necessary tools to be able to teach and share all my knowledge. ”