Hatha Yoga is one of the paths of yoga, perhaps the best known in the West. The term Hatha Yoga means “yoga of force”. Yoga means union; Ha refers to the feminine energy of the moon; Tha refers to the masculine energy of the Sun. Yoga Means the union of these two aspects. Intuition, linked to the ability to receive, to imagine and the right cerebral hemisphere. The reason, to build, evaluate and the left cerebral hemisphere.

To balance these two aspects, Hatha Yoga proposes techniques such as asanas (physical postures) and pranayamas (science of breathing) to restore balance to our body, our mind and our spirit. The synchronization of body movement and conscious breathing favors not only the performance and effectiveness of the exercises, but also the reduction of stress. Hatha Yoga also helps to better manage our emotions, increases mental clarity, allows us to better relate to the environment and allows the reunion with our spirit, our Higher Self.

LIMITED PLACES, by appointment
Reservations: 609 776812

HATHA with Juan Guido

Wednesday & Friday 8:30pm

With pranayama, meditation, tibetan bowls and chanting of mantras.


Single classes: € 15
Monthly *: 4 classes: € 40
8 classes: € 65

* The monthly classes are every 4 weeks, you do not have to start at the beginning of the month.