For the first time in Ibiza, nine months of intense practice and personal transformation with a certificate issued by the internationally recognized and registered IYN (Independent Yoga Network) school.

Our teacher training will begin in October 2021 at AyurVida Ibiza. The program is well developed to create a profound transformation in your life, discovering and exploring step by step, the essence of all the teachings and practices of yoga.

If you want to be a teacher or improve your practice, you will definitely bring out the best in you in our experience together.

Class Dates:

Oct 09/1 – Nov 06/07 – Dec 04/05

January 22/23 – February 19/20 – March 19/20 – April 16/17 – May 14/15 June 04/03/05 (retreat)

* All dates are subject to confirmation.

Cost of the course: 1950€

Deposit at the time of registration: € 350 (non-refundable).

1 payment 1600 €,  2 payments 890 €,  3 payments 724 €

(Does not include the cost of accommodation in the 3-day retreat at the end of the course).

As always, if you have any problem with the contribution, contact us and don’t be left with the desire! You’re going to love it!

Bira Gonzaga is a yogi, author, and senior teacher. He began practicing in 2000 and teaching in 2007. He lived in India for many years, and his life in the Himalayas brought him into contact with yogis of deep knowledge. He also lived five years
in a shamanic community in the Amazon jungle, where he had profound experiences with Ayahuasca.

The goal of his teachings is to bring spiritual knowledge to the physical practices of yoga and make it the behavior of daily life. His focus in each class is to awaken the dormant wisdom in each student, and blend it into our breath, our mind, asanas, and everything we do in life.

He has already taught classes and workshops in more than once countries and is the author of the novel Tommy Pilgrim. He has a published course on Yoga International and also writes articles for


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