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Sequential movement that intertwines postures to form a continuous flow. Create a movement meditation that reveals that all forms are impermanent and for this reason do not hold.

It denotes a fluid and dynamic form of yoga, connected to the breath or pranayama in which the transitions of yoga and mudra are incarnated as links within and between asana.


Private and group classes
“The classes I give are from Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic yoga where we link the asanas (postures) in a fluid way synchronizing each movement with the breath. This breathing that we use is called Ujjayi (victorious or triumphant) and it is the breathing of the most dynamic yogas. It is about inhaling and exhaling through the nose, but partially closing the glottis allowing a part of the air to pass through the throat imitating in this way, the sound of the wind or the waves of the sea. It is a stimulating breath and at the same time helps us to concentrate and enter easier in a state of deep internalization.

While a structure is followed, this type of yoga allows us to be more creative when creating sequences, generating internal heat that allows us to eliminate toxins and can enjoy a meditation in motion.

I really like teaching, transmitting the knowledge I am acquiring … it is said that yoga does not ask to believe in anything, except what one experiences for oneself. I believe that my job is to be at the service, helping the other person to come to experience for himself all that this discipline gives us, to experience for himself the innumerable benefits he gives us and help them to reencounter with themselves … help to help each other, to be more at peace and happier with who we are, how we are … ”