Diagnosis on the causes of the disease and its cure through Tibetan natural medicine

Tibetan medicine, coming from Ayurveda, is deeply influenced by Buddhist theory and practice that accentuate the indivisible interdependence of mind, body and vitality. As an integrated system of health care, Tibetan medicine has effectively served its people for centuries and can still be beneficial to humanity today.

Based on the four elements and the three humors, and influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, it seeks to find and treat the origin of the disease. The diagnosis is made by the pulses and is completed with the symptoms of the person and the observation of the tongue and urine. The general state of the person and of each internal organ is determined.

The medicines are made of plants and minerals from the Himalayas, treated with prayers to enhance their healing power. They usually have no side effects. They complement the Western medication and are aimed at solving the causes and restoring balance and health.

The consultations will be made by Dr. Sangye Dolma.

Sangye Dolma, doctor in Tibetan Medicine. She was born in Tibet and was a Buddhist nun in Kathmandu. She discovered her vocation working as a volunteer with patients from the Tibetan refugee camp. He graduated with a gold medal in Tibetan Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Varanasi. She is also an expert in Tibetan Astrology. He speaks Spanish and English, as well as Tibetan.

Recommended for:
Diseases of the nervous system and related problems, lumbar, cervical pain, etc.
Patients with multiple sclerosis, migraines, joint pain and arthritis, rheumatism,
Very special for fibromyalgia,
Menopausal and premenopausal symptoms,
Chronic gastric problems, hepatic displacement, anemia,
Allergies, rhinitis and similar conditions
Especially effective for diseases of wind mood (anxiety and stress), such as depressive disorders and associated diseases.
Examples of people who have benefited from Tibetan medicine:
Person with fibromyalgia for 8 years, in one month the symptoms completely disappeared.
Absolute improvement of pre and menopausal symptoms in another patient
Elimination of chronic gastric problems
Great improvement in Crhon’s disease (irritated colon and diarrhea)
Great improvement in cases of Hepatitis C
Elimination of chronic rhinitis



Tibetan astrology is intimately linked to Buddhist philosophy, forming a unique system of Tibet that is different from Western astrology. It informs us of past and future lives, karma and reincarnation. Protective Buddhas and meditation mantras, among others. Tibetan astrology is a guide for our material and spiritual life, as well as a way of acquiring merits for a better reincarnation. It is based on the 5 elements, its disposition in our birth and evolution in each year of our life.

It has its origins in Hindu astrology and Chinese astrology, and later merges with Buddhist philosophy to enrich itself further and become one of the most precious sciences of Tibetan Buddhism. The benefit and effect of this science on the human being is immense. It covers, by means of calculations, the day to day of a person, activities and long life projects.

This practice became the central axis of the life of the Tibetan people. Tibetan astrology comes from two streams:

Star astrology (skar-stsie) is known as one of Buddha’s earliest teachings when he taught the Kalachakra Tantric teaching at Mavarati in South India, simultaneously when he taught the Prajnaparamita sutra. This practice spread through India and later reached Tibet in the eleventh century.

And astrology (HBYUNG – RTSIE) that was first taught by Manjushri in the mountains of China and later brought to Tibet by great masters. The benefit and effect of Tibetan astrology for society is immense.

There are more than 80 different astrological predictions or calculations in what is called basic astrology. Among these calculations the most important ones are the calculation of reincarnations or rebirths and karmic ones, which reveal our past reincarnation and what it will be in future reincarnation. As well as the opportunities we will have in this life to accumulate merit, or our material situation as well as health and happiness. It also prevents us from possible obstacles, and what we need to cut karmically to avoid falling into misfortunes and obstructions, according to certain periods of our current life, for people suffering from some disease, can also reveal what is the cause of this disease and if it is dangerous, as well as how to counteract it. It also helps us to know what is necessary to purify and work so as not to fall into lower rebirths. It can also reveal about our marriage if it is auspicious in terms of date and place to be carried out etc.

In general, Tibetan astrology covers a vast field of predictions and is a guide for our material and spiritual life, as well as how to improve in this life and acquire merits for a better reincarnation. Therefore, it remains one of the most important parts of the Tibetan culture and life with more than a thousand years of its origins and that will remain forever.

How is a query?

The consultation begins with the study of the person’s conditions of birth; they study the animal and the birth element, the trigger or trigram, the symbols of protection and colors that favor certain activities.

Five aspects of the person are studied: luck, health, longevity, power and material situation and advice is given on virtuous actions to balance them. They are developed for our life in general and for the current year in more detail.

Possible obstacles and actions are discussed to cut the karmic ties; you can also know the cause of a disease, its severity and how to counteract it; and you can investigate particular aspects that interest the person (work, relationships, health, etc.).

It also presents the deity or the Buddha more akin to the consultant for their spiritual practice and the corresponding meditation mantra. The teacher indicates about next life and how to accumulate merits for a future good reincarnation.

The consultation is done by Geshe Larampa (Spiritual Master) Nawang Tsering, with a translator from Tibetan to Spanish. It lasts about 45 minutes and you can record or take notes. The birth data of the person with the time, as well as the date of birth of the mother are necessary. These data are provided a few days before to prepare the query. You have to provide them a few days in advance and leave a signal. The session will be recorded and delivered to the person.

The six worlds of Samsara, according to Tibetan Buddhism are: hell, the world of pretas or hungry spirits, the world of animals, that of the asuras or titans, that of men and that of the devas or gods. The cycle of reincarnations occurs in these 6 worlds. The Buddhist ideal of enlightenment implies the departure of the wheel of Samsara and therefore the cycle of reincarnations, reaching the Buddhic levels. In Tibetan Buddhism it incorporates a new path,