The amount of energy available to us is not infinite. Sometimes it is even very scarce, hence we can not waste it with activities that take away that precious good. The Dalai Lama offers us these pearls of wisdom, which are pure gold if we are able to put them into practice.

1- Let go of people who only arrive to share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, fear and judgment of others. If someone looks for a bucket to throw their garbage, try not to be in your mind.

2- Pay your bills on time. At the same time, it charges who owes you or chooses to let you go, if it is already impossible to charge you. The debts do not expire with time, although the law protects you; be responsible, it is better to make a cent to cent, than lose your precious energy and your word.

3- Keep your promises. If you have not complied, ask yourself why you have resistance. You always have the right to change your mind, to apologize, to compensate, to renegotiate and to offer another alternative to an unfulfilled promise; although not as usual. The easiest way to avoid not fulfilling something you do not want to do, is to say NO from the beginning.

4- Eliminate as much as possible and delegate those tasks that you do not prefer to do and devote your time to doing the ones you do enjoy. Although you should not run away from responsibilities and not all the time is feasible, often by pure control or by not giving us permission, we continue to waste time in trifles and abandoning the truly significant in our lives.

5- Give yourself permission to rest if you are in a moment that you need it and give yourself permission to act if you are in a moment of opportunity. Nature has rhythms and your life too. Not acting at the wrong time takes away energy and does not stop when you need it, too.

6- Pull, collect and organize, nothing takes more energy than a messy space full of things from the past that you no longer need. One by one, take each paper, each memory and even each dream and choose.

7- Give priority to your health, without the machinery of your body working to the maximum, you can not do much. Take sun in the afternoon, meditate, breathe, bathe in the sea, exercise in nature, listen to your body and eliminate toxins. Make a medical appointment and see if you lack minerals or vitamins. Eat organic (no pesticides) and fresh foods; works in prevention to avoid the crisis of a disease (a notice a body without energy).

8- Face the toxic situations that you are tolerating, from rescuing a friend or a family member to tolerating negative actions of a couple; and take the necessary action. Resign yourself to a situation and feel that you have no control, only get to drain.

9- Accept. It is not resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than resisting and fighting against a situation that you can not change. Deliver to God, you can always choose your path and flow without attachments until you reach your shore safely.

10-Forgive, let go of a situation that is causing you pain, you can always choose to leave the pain of memory.