What is Sanergy and how does it work?

It is a positivist philosophy developed by the Italian-Belgian scientific researcher Alessandro Di Masi. It gathers elements of the Connection, Tuning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity, Metaphysics, Positivism, Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction. Inspired by oriental energy philosophies and techniques, Di Masi created something new that does not fit into any traditional definition.
Many people claim to have had spontaneous or miraculous changes after having read the book “The Creator” or after having heard the point of view of a Sanergist.

Sanergy balances any energetic alteration of our subtle and physical bodies; It is compatible with EVERYTHING and never harmed or damaged anyone. The self-corrective system starts from the first session acting forever.

Climbing the vibration of the Planet

The origin of the word Sanergy comes from the fusion of the words Wisdom, Health and Energy. Sanergy restores the harmony between the energetic (axiatonal) lines of our body, the energy network of the planet and the Universe; It places each of us on the right path of life and allows us to advance in a state of equilibrium by activating a continuous exchange of light and information appropriate to each being, allowing the connection with the pieces of DNA and the reintegration of the “strings” or “Filaments” (planes of simultaneous or parallel existence).

Tuning or Sanergetic Connection dramatically increase awareness, intuition and the gift of (self) healing. When you activate your hands after the first session, you will realize the potential that you had hidden since I will share with you my vibration and the vibration of a better state of health. Each treatment of Sanergía® will leave you in a state of serenity, relaxation, balance and rest.

Description of a session

There is no physical contact between practitioner and participant. Lying on the stretcher, the client enjoys relaxed, discovering sensations perhaps new in their body and spirit.

Sanergy and the formation of Sanergista are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), various healing techniques, Positivism, 30 Great Masters of Healing and metaphysics, moral openness and spiritual awareness.

There are no miracles, only unexplained scientific facts.
Trying to explain everything with what we already know prevents us from progressing (Albert Einstein)

Tune in to the original design.
Balance – Serenity – Health
To find oneself

Sanergy: The quantum future of Healing

At the beginning of a session you will come into contact with very powerful energies, which will continue to act forever after the end of the visit. There will be a change in your being, because now you will be connected to a new frequency at a high level.