Regressive therapy

With Claudia Reig Martín

Perceiving reality in a holistic way provides Understanding. The belief is not sought, there is direct experimentation. Go to the root, the origin, where, when and why. And the Understanding grants Freedom.

Observing the events objectively allows you to feel that the pieces of the puzzle fit together, that connected things are where they should be.

We are born with purpose, being in tune with him offers the flow and feeling that in chaos, everything moves at the same time.

When are people happy?

When they are in tune with their life purpose.

Regression is rediscovering, reaffirming the purpose. Regression is remembering. All the information already resides in your DNA. Through meditation a deep state of relaxation is reached, allowing access to the Akashic Records that contain the memory of the infinite being that we are.

In no-time it is enjoyed that Love, Life carries intrinsic transience Δ

∞ Transform the interior to transform the World ∞

Hypnotism and hypnosis are cultisms formed on the basis of the verb ὑπνοῦν (hypnon = sleep, dream). Television and movies have created many myths about hypnosis. The “hypnotist” is nothing more than a mediator who helps achieve a moderate or deep degree of relaxation. Instead of hypnosis, the term relaxed concentration or meditation can be used.

The relaxed state of concentration does not entail any danger. Whenever you want, you can open your eyes and finish the process.
One is always in control
You will never say or do something in a state of unconsciousness, because hypnosis is not like being asleep. The person is conscious at all times of their thoughts and their subconscious remains active and awake.
Hypnosis is like daydreaming, not like being anesthetized.
All you have to do is maintain a receptive attitude, open mind and free of prejudice. There is nothing to fear or lose. Expansion and objectification of any situation is obtained. The memories that the regression brings to the surface break the walls and undo the traumas or blockages by understanding and recognizing the origin from which they come.

Stress and anxiety can depress the immune system. Achieving inner peace through these exercises can be very beneficial for health. The inner peace allows love to flow with more freedom and this prevents diseases. It has been proven that the immune system of people in love works at an optimal level.

One of the benefits of meditation and regression is a change of values ​​or perspective that allows us to distinguish more clearly between what is important and what is accessory. This change of values ​​occurs when we experience that the energy is not created or destroyed, that it is transformed and we integrate the concept of infinity in all the beings and things that inhabit the universe. Suffering and mourning transmute, and death ceases to be taboo.

The certainty that we are spiritual beings produces profound changes and allows us to value qualities such as love, positive relationships and compassion. We perceive more clearly our connection with all the other beings. We become more patient and understanding people, and the feelings of tranquility and inner peace expand. The ‘obstacles’ of life become opportunities to learn, like steps on the path of evolution.

It is not necessary to believe in reincarnation to obtain the benefits of regression therapy. Although we process evoked memories as metaphors or symbols, our consciousness will obtain important information. In addition, the knowledge and intuition that we acquire can lead us to a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Phobias and fears disappear, our scale of values ​​changes, love flows with more freedom, and inner peace, joy and happiness emerge.

It helps us to be present, we discover that we are more capable of concentrating and appreciating the current moment. We accept and value the present situation perceiving it as an opportunity for learning where each situation takes on its particular meaning and its reason for being.

Determine if what comes to our mind is a symbol, a metaphor, a true memory, if it is the result of our imagination or a mixture of all these things is not so important. Simply, live the experience and let your supra-conscious wisdom act. Later you will be able to analyze the experiences that you have lived. With practice, you will perceive everything more clearly and you will know how to distinguish between memories and metaphors, symbols and imagination.

Many people try to confirm their memories with tests. Some have found their grave from a previous life: others have located official archives that support the details of their memories. The confirmation of the memories is also achieved with the intensity of the feelings that accompany them and the improvement of the symptoms. Xenoglossia, the ability to speak fluently a language that has not been studied or known, is another form of confirmation.

This is not the only place where souls exist. There are many different dimensions and degrees of consciousness in which souls live. Why should we think that souls can only exist on this planet? Energy has no limits. Earth is just one of the many schools in the universe. Souls can be divided and even have simultaneous experiences.

In the new paradigm, we understand and integrate the infinite being that each one is. It is possible to do a regressive therapy to other planets and this is especially recommended for everyone who has had an innate feeling of not belonging or feeling abandoned here on earth. It is very effective to go directly to know how to better develop our mission on Earth and know what the purpose of life is.

When are people happy? When you are realizing your life purpose. When are you realizing your life purpose? When you are making your dreams come true.

The session lasts approximately 3 hours and is structured in three parts.

The first hour is a registered therapy originally from California called Access to consciousness that is similar to a reset or an energetic massage in the head. Access to the conscience® releases physical and emotional tensions and leaves the person in a very pleasant state of relaxation.

Then we proceed to the placement of quartz and regression as such that lasts 1: 30h approximately. It is a guided meditation in which the person who receives it is stretched, with the quartz a reticular field is created around his body that helps to increase the vibratory frequency of his energetic field that cleans the aura and makes easier the access to the ‘ I superior ‘where the memories of the infinite being reside that each one is and all the memories of the conscious and subconscious. The person is conscious all the time and is even talking at the right moments to go describing what they see and experience.

The therapy lasts approximately 3 hours on the hands of the clock, but when one enters the state of lucid sleep the perception of time changes. The entrance to meditation is quick but when it is over it is important to have this space to share the experience, recapitulate and download all the information to the conscious and thus be able to apply it for practical purposes in the physical world and day to day.

The last hour is the moment to use the analytical mind, to give deeper details of what has been lived and to talk about everything that happened, the person picks up a pen and paper where he points out what he has experienced and whether or not he should take some homework to do homework, such as for example a psychomagic act. It is then when the process is closed and everything makes sense, the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

The sessions are taxed, the recording is delivered if requested and stored, respecting the consent and privacy of the person. The project is to write a book that will explain the history of the world through regressions, narrate everything that is not explained but what happened, and that little by little we will add it in the textbooks.

Approximate duration of 3 hours
The full price of the entire session is € 100 and it should be remembered that there are 3 therapies in one.

Regressive therapy

With Dr. Luca Povoleri

Regressive therapy is a way of trying to fix the causes of our behavior patterns today, through a “trip” in our past to change some trauma. There are many different theories about how it works. Many interpretations of the worlds that will be explored. But in this specific way of doing it, whether it’s about past lives, real memories, false memories, dreams or hallucinations, it does not matter. What matters is the emotional / symbolic value that this experience produces in the client, and its effectiveness is greater, the more the client lets himself be transported without closing himself in defensive interpretations.

The work with regressive therapy is so complete because it uses techniques of classical psychology next to reiki and other energetic techniques, to create a therapy in three phases that works at the same time the problem of the client at rational / conscious level and symbolic / subconscious level .

Duration: 1 hour
Format: Group (4-8)

Type: Meditation – Energy Therapy

Price: Voluntary contribution (Suggested minimum donation 5 euros per material and room)


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