The Practical Biodecodage or Biological Decoding is a therapeutic methodology created by Christian Flèche, after years of research and experimentation based on the biological meaning or meaning of the symptoms of the disease.
It offers a new approach to the disease, considering it a solution with positive intention that biology offers to adapt to an emotional impact suffered at a precise moment that was not known or could not be expressed or resolved.

When an emotion is focused in the organism according to the biological function useful to counteract, the symptoms of the disease serve as a code to decipher which emotion is hidden. Biological Decoding is based on this to reach the hidden emotion associated with the symptom and bring to consciousness through a series of protocols the information that the sick body is manifesting and that in general we are not educated to listen or pay attention.

It requires great precision to find the origin, that precise moment in which a meaning or biological sense was given to the traumatic event. Its practice is an art and requires impeccable training to decipher what the symptoms are telling us and release the hidden conflicts, some of which are remembered but we carry them on our backs without allowing ourselves to talk about them, others of which are so painful that the brain filed in the unconscious.

Tamara Chekaloff Zulet, therapist and companion in Biological Decoding, undergraduate student in Psychology.
It offers a therapeutic accompaniment to discover the unconscious patterns that may be limiting you in different areas of our lives, love, work, family, etc.

On a physical level, accompanying through active listening for ailments to help release the emotions that are behind physical expression.