While I was studying a biology degree, I began to investigate in depth about medicinal plants and to practice yoga. I introduced myself to the world of massage and therapies by attending ayurveda courses, foot reflexology and beginning in Reiki. I discovered an exciting vocation. Then I trained in Thai massage, Bach flowers and therapeutic and sports massage. Then, in 2008, I began to dedicate myself to massage and flower therapy professionally.
Since then I am in continuous learning, improvement and expansion of skills; attending training, self-taught and enriching myself every day with practice. Meditation has been a great tool to develop the perceptual skills needed in therapeutic work. I have made several trips to India and Thailand, where I have studied with several Ayurvedic doctors and great masters of Thai massage.
Since 2012 I am a biodynamic craniosacral osteopathy therapist.
And now I’m doing a postgraduate in bioneuroemoción.
I have done some Bach flower courses and massage techniques taught by me.
Helping people to be happier and healthier, from those who want a simple relaxing massage or descontracturante to those who want to overcome a chronic disease. Each session and each person is a new opportunity to give the best of me and share what my teachers have given me … and with the intention of continuing to work and train throughout life.