Has Ayurveda have answer for Corona virus? Has Ayurveda have any thing which can fight against coronavirus? Then definitely answer is yes.

So let see what we can do for prevention from this virus:

1) Our first aim should be to increase our immunity. So what we can do for that?

Very simple just make harmonized your body rhythm with the nature. For that just wake up early in the morning with sunrise and end your day with the sunset..

2) You can put 2 drops of sesame oil in the nostril. Because of that you can prevent virus to get inside inhalation. Oil work as protection and filtration layer.

3) Take the dry ginger powder 5 gr, lamongrass 5 gr , 10 glass water, mixed all the things and boiled the water up to 5 glass. Then drink this water whole day.

4) Most important thing make dhup (smoke) of gugulu (cominephara mukul) -50 gr ,dried neem leaves-10gr, mustard seed – 10gr, cow ghee (clarified butter) – 20 gr, camphor – 5 gr with the help electric smoke generate or by burning at the sunrise and sunset time, because of that your surrounding environment will be keep virus free.

5) Take 2-3. Black pepper seed and 4-5 holy basil leaves.


6) Don’t take outside food, only take home made food.

7) Don’t take Leftover food, fine floor items, curd, milk, junk food, cold drinks, cold water.

8) Drink the warm soup of green gram, chickpeas, horsegram.

9) Take vegetables like bottle gourd, bitter gourd, pumpkin, garlic, mint, unrippen reddish.

10) Don’t consume heavy and sticky vegetables.

11) Fruit take Papaya, pomogrante, Indiangoose Berry (amla).

12) Avoid eggs and non veg items.

13) Take one meal a day, or if second meal take it before sunset and very light.

14) Smoke (dhupan) is very important therapy for the prevention against virus, as today we have Holi festival in India so here we have very big fire celebration in every part of India.