The Renaissance is a technique of healing, personal and spiritual development. It is based first of all on the Energy Breathing Sessions in which the person overcomes blockages, thus releasing their respiratory mechanism; secondly in Spiritual Psychology, thanks to which the person can reconnect with his true self and overcome negative thoughts and emotions and finally in the Spiritual Purification with which one learns to maintain an optimal level of energy and health thanks to the development of Healthy mental, emotional and physical habits and cleaning practices with each of the 4 elements. This practice, in addition to being effective and powerful, is gentle, natural and safe. The circular breathing technique that is used has been practiced for centuries by some yogis (yoga practitioners).

It is said in the Vedas (sacred scriptures of India) that circular breathing leads to eternity.

What is a rebirthing session like??

In a session of Rebirthing the person lies down and we guide their breathing until it leads to a fluid, free and energy-connected breathing. The person then enters what we call the energy cycle, in which he lets go of tensions and blocks, learns to flow and open more to life and usually feels great waves of energy going through and healing his body. The energy cycle occurs spontaneously and lasts an hour or more, although the person usually loses the notion of time to experience a merger with the present and the Self.
Through conscious breathing it is possible to unblock the respiratory mechanism, achieving a fuller and freer breathing as we get rid of the negative patterns that we have been acquiring throughout our lives. In addition, the greater contribution of oxygen in our cells helps us to expel the toxins and chemicals accumulated in our body.

If you know how to breathe, you know how to live! We live as we breathe!

A rebirthing therapy consists of a cycle of 10 sessions of 2 hours each. The sessions consist of one hour of directed breathing and another hour in which, through different techniques, the aspects that have come to light during breathing are worked on and also those that the person wants to improve in their life. After the 10 sessions, people will have learned the techniques to perform the exercises by themselves.

“Breathing correctly is the most important thing that human beings can learn”

 Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing