Reiki is a word widely used to describe different ways of balancing the physical and energetic body through a mental discipline, meditation and predisposition to perceive Energy.
Do not believe who tells you that Reiki is just a simple tool to change your life, or who sees it as a mystical practice, or as a magic wand. This is marketing.
We channel reiki every time our intention is consistent with our wishes. We flow in Reiki when we are aware of ourselves as individual and transpersonal beings. Reiki is an energetic philosophy and has nothing hidden or mysterious about it.


Reiki Usui 

The course is composed of three levels including mastery.
To work with Reiki you only need the first level. The others are to enhance your Reiki and know more. With the level of mastery you can also initiate others.
Each level needs one or two days, usually a weekend, to learn the theory, practice and receive the initiation.

Duration: One day or one weekend each level
Format: Individual or group (3-8 people)
Type: (Auto) Energy Therapy
Price: 250 * level / 180 * level reserving the three levels. (Individual: 300 * level / 250 * level reserving all three levels)

Holistic Reiki 

This activity has been designed either for people who already have at least a first level of reiki, or for those who without knowing anything are curious to understand this simple energy technique in a pure way, without following specific philosophies or techniques. The workshop aims to teach how to channel Reiki naturally, through meditation, of awareness and intention.

Anyone already channels reiki, you just have to be aware of this.

At the end of the workshop an initiation will be made to fix the energy channels and make the ritual of passage from a partially conscious way of life to an awake where to flow with the events discovering your power to change things.

The practice and development of the specific personal capacity to channel it will be of great importance. Therefore, the group will not be larger than 6 people. The course will take place partly in Ayurvida and partly in nature.

Duration: 1 day
Format: Individual or group (max 6 people)
Type: Holistic Psychology, Energy Therapy
Price: 150 euros (Individual: 180 euros)

Reiki in group: Healing Circle

Reiki is a form of healing that, in a group, achieves great results, face-to-face or at a distance. Home session the group can bring personal cases or other people who ask for a face-to-face or distance help.

To attend the activity it is necessary to have the first level of any type of Reiki.

This event is an “ego-free” event. No matter your level, your mastery, your abilities. Group Reiki flows if each one keeps the channeling free of ego explosions. It will remain silent, it will be shared only if necessary and a lot of work will be done. Reiki is not simply a fashion and an occasion to confront the energetic experience, it is a basic tool that takes power at a transpersonal level. This is why high motivation and a clean vision of Reiki are required. (For more information, go to the talk: “Modern Reiki: the evolution of energy works”)

Duration: 1 hour
Format: Group (3-8)
Type: Energy Therapy
Price: Voluntary contribution (Suggested minimum donation 5 euros per material and room)