Try all the benefits of yoga and oriental massage together. Massage that combines stretching, pressures and energy line work. It is usually performed on the floor, with the patient dressed in comfortable clothing that allows movement. No oils are used.


The traditional Thai massage is reminiscent of a “passive Yoga”, in which the therapist uses his hands, elbows, knees, feet … to press, massage and perform complex stretches and manipulations to the patient, as well as stimulate the energy channels and points of the body. It is done without oil and with clothes.

It provides muscle stretching, physical toning and unblocking of the energy system. Being a holistic technique, although it works in depth the musculoskeletal system (being a great tool for the treatment of muscle and joint pathologies), the “sen” channels and the reflex points are always working at the same time, leading to a better operation of all body systems.


Thai therapy technique before 3000 a.C. It is a variation of Thai massage in which the pressures made in the affected area are struck by a Thai medical wood chisel, the wood of the teka, transmitting the vibration of impact and sound. Discover a millenary treatment to relax your tissues and stimulate your energy channels.