They act with new frequencies that come to us from the universe, in this very important evolutionary moment, so that the Human Being can be healed by integrating the four levels of our existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as it is reconnected with its true nature and it is awakening all its potentials, including the ability to self-heal. It leads to a quantum leap in our personal and spiritual evolution.


The Reconnection®

Originally, the meridians of the body, sometimes called acupuncture lines, were connected to the meridians and parallels that surround our planet. These lines were arranged in such a way that they prolonged by adjusting to a much larger network, uniting us with the entire universe. Over the years we disconnected from these lines.

The Reconnection® generates new axiatonal lines that allow us to connect to unique levels and frequencies of healing, accelerating the process of our evolution. These axiatonal lines are part of an intelligent circulatory system, a parallel dimensional system that brings the basic energy to the regenerative functions of our body.

The Reconnection® is carried out in two sessions once in a lifetime and its function is to create and activate these new lines, which allows the exchange of energy, light and information, the reconnection of the DNA strands and the reintegration of the strings, in parallel planes of existence.

This transmission of energy, light and information facilitates the recognition of the purpose of life and activates the mechanism of self-healing, helps us to remove layers at different levels that no longer serve us and awakens us and reconnects with our own being, the planet and the universe .

It helps us to understand that we are the creators of our reality.

Reconnective Healing®

We know today that everything that exists, whether perceptible or not, is an expression of a primordial energy, interconnected with each other. This constitutive element of the universe is manifested, in human beings, in four different planes, one physical, one emotional, one mental and one spiritual.

Harmony is a cosmic principle that in our case has been broken because of the dissociation between these four energetic planes, the disconnection with everything that surrounds us and the incoherence with the universe in general, and all this generates suffering and the illness. Reconnective Healing is a return to a state of optimal balance.

Reconnective Healing® is an experience that offers a radical change in life, in very few sessions. It returns to the organism the lost energetic coherence, reverts the disconnection causing the symptoms and integrates the different planes in which we exist. In this way, it heals the pathological states and returns the lost harmony.

On a physical and practical level it helps a lot in the recovery and healing of wounds, sprains, contusions and other injuries.