We evaluate the response of the muscles to detect imbalances in the body and in the mind.
Through the muscular test we communicate with the body that will tell us what happens to it and what it needs. It is a deep work where the body is related to the mind and emotions.
There are no good or bad emotions, they all come for our growth, they are life experiences, through Kinesiology, we work the emotions that could have been trapped / blocked, and that bring us experiences of suffering or pain, we unblocked them, taking them out and learning from them. them what we need so that they do not repeat themselves.
Helping thus, to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, etc.


By: Vanesa Bueno

What can work with Emotional Kinesiology? :

Labor relations, couple, family, duels, prenatal memories and traumas of childhood, liberation and healing of the transgenerational and the genealogical tree, blockages with abundance and money, self-esteem and empowerment, finding the way and the purpose of life, self-realization, unconscious and limiting negative beliefs, bad habits, addictions, hurts of the past, energetic cleanings, re-balance and good functioning of the physical body and emotions and a long… It is a therapy carried out on a stretcher, after a questionnaire initial in which we will focus on your current emotions, your habits, the conflicts you want to work on as well as your past and family history and other s factors that may be influencing who you are today, what is happening to you or what hurts you.