Flores de Bach & Ayurveda

Floral therapy with which the psychological, emotional and spiritual imbalances present in our lives are effectively treated, choosing one or more of the 38 medicinal plant extracts that make up this system. Likewise, physical pathologies are treated by treating their psychosomatic cause. The therapy includes the diagnosis and the flower preparation for 3-4 weeks of treatment.

Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India, the oldest still alive in the world. It is a holistic system of prevention and cure of diseases, and a way of living in a healthy and balanced way according to our physical and mental constitution.
Massages are an important piece in this medical system; they act by relaxing, nourishing and eliminating toxins; healing and balancing at the same time the physical body, the energetic system and the mind.

– The Abhyanga, rejuvenation, and Kalari massages work the whole body with natural oils of medicinal plants, chosen according to the particular conditions of the patient.
– The Champi massage, facial and cranial area, using specific oils to relax the mind, treat specific problems (migraine, insomnia, lack of memory and attention …) and improve the quality of hair.
– Marma points, similar to acupuncture points. They are a powerful tool to treat internal organs, eliminate energy blocks and treat pathologies.
– Slimming massage, with oils or medicinal powders that facilitate the elimination of fats.

Other examples of Ayurvedic treatments offered are:

-Shirodhara, application of a continuous flow of medicinal oil on the head, incredibly relaxing and very effective for nerve treatments, stress, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, mental pathologies …
-Pizhikil: application of continuous flow of medicinal oil tempered throughout the body, with simultaneous massage … great for muscle regeneration, chronic pain …
-Vasti: retention of medicinal oil in a specific area of ​​the body where there is a specific problem.
-Sauna / steam bath: very effective for the elimination of toxins.
-Facial treatment of facial beauty.

The session

The therapeutic sessions are personalized, offering the best possible treatment depending on your particular conditions and your needs. For this, different therapeutic techniques and massage styles are combined, finding the ancestral oriental wisdom with the most current western therapeutic development. The most appropriate treatment is chosen for you, or you can choose the type of massage or therapy for which you have preference. The objectives are always your health, happiness and well-being.
All the oils used in the massage are 100% natural, prepared with medicinal plants, both Ayurvedic (India) and Mediterranean. Essential oils or aromatherapy are also used. The choice of oils is made specifically according to your constitution and condition.