With Dr. Hauschka certified organic cosmetics

By: Georgina Saama Ibiza

DR. HAUSCHKA is a 100% biological and homeopathic certified cosmetic. The best ingredients of Nature and medicinal plants are selected to create a unique concept in the products and treatments of the skin.

The WALA homeopathic laboratories, located in southern Germany, use the best methods to obtain the highest quality cosmetics that activate the self-regeneration of the skin, regulate and balance it.

With Dr.Hauschka treatments, your skin will receive a deep cleansing and regeneration that will make the beauty of your face stand out more.


-Purifying Treatment: A deep and intense cleansing that purifies and softens the skin. To show a radiant face.

-Rejuvenating Treatment: Ideal for tired and irritated skin from sun exposure. Ideal to rejuvenate the skin tissue and regenerate it.

– Firming Treatment: reaffirms the skin of the entire face but above all, special attention is paid to the contour of the eyes and neck, providing elasticity in these delicate areas.

– Soothing Treatment: balances and soothes irritated skin. Brings softness and firmness to this fragile skin.

-Treatment Nourish your skin: ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. It provides all the necessary nutrition so that the skin is soft and nourished.
-Full firming treatment: deep cleansing, firming and nutrition to improve mature skin.

-Treating ‘Touch of Light’: in a comfortable and quick way it purifies and vitalizes the skin to shine more that beauty.


-Treatments: are approximately 60 minutes and the price is 63€
-Full firming treatment 74€ and lasts approximately 105 min (1 h and 45 min).
-Touch Touch Light and the eye contour is 30 min and 30€.