Access Consciousness®

With Evangelina Aronne 

Barras de Access® – Access Bars®

What are Access Bars or Access Bars? They are an energetic body process that is part of the set of Access Consciousness techniques, applied in more than 176 countries. It consists of 32 points that we have in our heads, related to different aspects of life, such as health, money, aging, sexuality, relationships, joy, time and space, communication, and many more.

How are the sessions?

The sessions are similar to a acupressure, they are performed with clothes, only a point of the feet and hands, and the points of the head are gently touched, gently stimulating the bars.

This process generates energy movements from one cerebral hemisphere to another, allowing us to neutralize what keeps us stuck in the polarity of judgments and expectations, in the past and the future.

The approximate duration of each Barras Access session is 1 hour.

It can be applied to people of all ages and anywhere, such as schools, health centers, clubs, companies, outdoors. The frequency and number of sessions depend on each person, the more sessions you receive, the more clarity, energy and peace you will feel.

What happens during the sessions?

During the sessions, the brain waves change from an alert state or beta waves to alpha waves producing relaxation, tranquility and well-being.

The experience is similar to an 8 hour meditation, this technique being much more effective as physiological changes occur to restore the body’s ability to heal.

What does science say?

It is a subtle technique that deeply cleanses the unconscious.

“The spherical shape of the cells of our body becomes elliptical when impacted with the energy of negative feelings or emotions, this being the first step towards disease.

When the Bars are activated, we discharge the energy of feelings and emotions that keep us stuck, returning the cells to their original form.” Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin.

What are the benefits after “activating” your bars?

By receiving Bars sessions, you can get out of the loops in which you have been wanting to change something, and you return to the same place, that is, your past will no longer be projected into your future, you will be more connected with your being, leaving the automatic mode of function, to live more consciously and in the present.

Reduces migraines and insomnia.
Improves memory, attention and concentration.
Helps to stop addictions.
Helps restore health and reduce the consequences of trauma and accidents.
Relieves pain, anxiety, depression, stress, anguish.
Improves physical, mental and emotional health.
More clarity, intuition, creativity, vitality.
More joy and ease in all areas of your life.
Improves motivation, communication and relationships.
Feelings of gratitude and peace.

The Access Bars are a possibility to free yourself from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that limit you, an invitation to perceive more and be the conscious creator of your life.

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