Michelle Kilgour

Michelle is a fully certified and insured Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant with a diploma from the Ayurveda institute in London, UK  

Michelle’s introduction to Ayurveda came after working tirelessly for over 6 years on her organic health food business. Despite following a healthy, “clean” lifestyle for many years, she found herself exhausted and stressed with her issues ranging from eczema, candida, lack of energy, chronic digestive issues and insomnia.

Committed to finding alternative ways to heal herself, she travelled, researched and explored every diet, fad and form of alternative health, before she was guided to Kerala, India to undertake a full Ayurvedic reset programme.

Captivated by the impact and transformative benefits Ayurveda had on her life, she said goodbye to her former career and decided to pursue Ayurveda further. She soon enrolled herself in Ayurveda school so that she could complete her training to help others improve their quality of life, Just as Ayurveda has done for her .

Through her work as an Ayurvedic Consultant Michelle is passionately committed to helping her clients alleviate the stresses of our modern busy lives and create a more balanced lifestyle for lasting well-being.

Using (the ancient healing wisdom of) Ayurveda, Michelle works to develop a personalised wellness programme that supports her client’s back to best possible health & balance (in body and mind) through simple to understand (lifestyle) adjustments in their every day lives.


Michelle instantly fell in love with the magic of Ibiza some 15 years ago when she first set foot on it’s beautiful rocks and has since been back to visit many times.

With it’s profound natural beauty and a thriving wellness community, Michelle believes Ibiza to be the perfect setting to bring the gifts of Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, to the island.

She considers herself blessed to be practising Ayurveda in the mystical white island of Ibiza.