Margarita Borràs

My name is Margarita Borràs Serra,

Newborn and I changed the name and I am MAÏT for everyone.

My parents emigrated to France when I was only 7 months old and I returned to Ibiza, where I was born to an Ibizan mother, in 1988.

The discovery of my gift occurred when I participated, invited by a friend, to a course in Karmic Astrology taught by a psychologist, a friend of yours, 20 years ago:

In a relaxation exercise in which as a couple we looked at each other in the eyes I could see in my partner’s eyes all a past life that relates to the psychologist. She told me that she described what her karmic letter was, that they had already formed and that it provided some valid supplementary elements. The therapist asked me to do it to her and I described a life that she saw in her regression.

I guess I saw past lives because of the subject of the course.

Since then I have been looking into the eyes of family, friends and friends of friends, and that gift has gradually become more concentrated and precise and allows me to identify the problems that people suffer in their current life.

For 2 years and having taken my early retirement very recently I decided to dedicate myself fully to it since the result of it is to allow people to be happy.


On one occasion I accompanied a woman to her physical death, allowing her to get rid of what was preventing her from leaving.

A friend reconciled with her mother after having always mistreated the latter verbally.

I saw in a young woman her gift for drawing and painting and I perceived the anguish I felt when I could not live from it for fear of rejection and failure. Since he was a Marketting Agent, he advised you to propose sketches to your company; He did it and lives happily taking money out of his creativity.