Lara Jaime is linked to body movement activities, from an early age. His first contact was with artistic gymnastics, which gave him a very complete training, not only on a physical level but also generating great discipline, confidence and perseverance. At age 19, he met Yoga and immediately discovered the activity that would mark the course of his life going forward. The countless benefits of this practice and knowing that there are much deeper aspects of yoga than what is normally seen, have led Lara to study, first in Ibiza in India and then in India, teachers to be able to transmit and help other people , on their way to improve the quality of their lives.
Lara specializes in the Viñyasa Flow Yoga style, but also incorporates in her classes the knowledge of Mindfullness Meditation and Prana Yama.

The experience as a teacher of Lara, begins in 2014 alternating courses and classes in Ibiza, Lugano (Switzerland) and London
The focus of the practices taught by Lara is characterized by a meditative segment where perception exercises, attention control and Prana Yama exercises (breathing) are integrated. Then the dynamic segment is integrated, where strength, balance, control and concentration develop. As the last section of the class, there comes the moment of stretching, here we work the stretching and twisting of the body, followed by a longer meditation that includes: sounds of Tibetan bells, essential oils and Shavasana Adjustment (small massages in special centers to facilitate the deep relaxation). This last phase is very important to be able to absorb the benefits of the class.