Jana Vanhees

Certified Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy teacher

Qualified Therapist of SM System (Spiral Stabilization of the Spine)

Teacher of Kids yoga KAY – yoga for children and families

Certified aerobics and fitness teacher

Official instructor of Nordic walking (Nordic walking)

Degree in English philology

Master’s degree in Montessori education

Jana is a certified teacher of yoga, yoga, fitness and aerobics. After university studies in Prague she devoted herself to the world of aerobics and dance. When her daughter was born Sarah began studying yoga and dedicate herself to the world of alternative education. Four years ago she also trained as a teacher of yoga and mindfulness for children.

Jana is at the same time a ski and snowboard instructor and from there her interest in Nordic walking naturally arose, an ideal sport for all ages and for the whole body.

Her passion for nature, healthy living and movement led her to create with her partner a small Bluegreenrelax company that offers its clients (residents and tourists) the opportunity to get to know the beautiful nature of the island in a healthy way, sustainable and respectful. Guests can enjoy yoga retreats, multi-level walks, yoga and mindfulness exercises, and in collaboration with Ascanio Surf School also kayak or paddle surf routes.

Jana teaches Hatha Flow yoga (fluid yoga) where she teaches her students how to connect with their breathing and their body, how to unite breathing and movement, connect with their interior, open their hearts, accept, thank and love.

In its therapeutic classes it helps to prevent or improve the ailments of the back and improve body posture.

In yoga classes for children and families helps children connect with their body and their feelings, find the balance, open the heart, create better relationships with others, minimize stress. It helps them connect with their values ​​and love and respect their environment, nature, the world.