GIUSEPPE Lunardon, born in Italy, settled in IBIZA since 2008, self-taught in several trades.

From the year 2009 to the present day it caters to many people, with bio-magnetism, affected with multiple ailments and with unprecedented results, that produces an enormous motivation to continue investigating.

He was trained as any student of bio-magnetism but by his attitudes of explorer and research, he structured a therapy out of the ordinary with extraordinary results.

He discovered the bio-magnetic pair therapy in October 2009 when, due to personal circumstances through an advanced physiological depression, he had an encounter with Carlos and Mike, two boys just out of a training course for bio-magnetic taught by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán.

Carlos and Mike needed volunteers to be trained, they proposed their collaboration, that’s when everything started, through receiving multiple therapies and successive instant improvements, GIUSEPPE was motivated and continued with self-treatments, and in the search of all the information to go to be trained as a THERAPIST.