Dr. Luca Povoleri

Life is an adventure where change is the beginning of the path and the objective at the same time As adventurers, therapy helps us to prepare and balance our backpack to face the challenges and occasions of life.
Csélion – Change, Heal, Evolve is the sum of my philosophy.

“I am a Clinical Psychologist, Holistic Therapist, and Professional Chiromassageist.
I have studied, experienced and traveled to create my own way of seeing psychology, well-being and spirituality. Since graduation in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience I have turned my eyes to the United States and Neurolinguistic Programming, I have looked to China with its natural medicine, to Japan with Reiki and its evolutions, to India with culture and culture and herbal medicine, Native Americans for shamanism from an anthropological perspective (core shamanism), completing the whole with a course of quiromassage for physiotherapists. My path of formation will never end, but only after having joined the official science of the best Italian universities and alternative sciences with schools and people of value, I have begun to feel like a more complete therapist in the psychological / spiritual / physical field.
Health is not only work of therapies aimed at diminishing symptoms, health is a state of dynamic equilibrium where the symptoms are indications of the direction we have to take for our physical, psychic and spiritual wellbeing. Prevention is what allows us to be healthy and increase our response capabilities in case of illness.”

Trilingual clinical neuropsychologist, former head of the section of Psychology and Social Research at the IARC and adventurer in the realm of Transcultural Shamanism and Regressive Therapy.

He has created a system of Holistic Coaching, Optima Vita 360 * ® that aims to create awareness through a belief-free system using traditional psychology as a scientific structure and the metaphor of the Adventurer as a “user-friendly” interface.

As a shamanic practitioner he created the “Featherless Shaman”, the “Shaman without feathers” whose activities are based on the “pure experience, zero belief” of the drum without cultural references or substances. In this way he was able to take his Shamanic Meditation to the most rational world of the University of Milan.

She currently works in Madrid and Milan, where she works as a therapist in the prevention of School Harassment, to raise public awareness of the ethical implications of Multiple Sclerosis and collaborates with professionals from various fields to create a purely essential quality guarantee and free of marketing influences.

My certificates

– Bachelor in Clinical Psychology at Università San Raffaele in Milan
– Degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience at Università degli Studi de Padua
– Master in Energy Psychology at Itiee in Madrid
– Usui Reiki Master & Unified Reiki Master
– Chiromassage and functional bandage course in Kirosuren Madrid
– Course of Regression Therapy
– Workshops on Transcultural Shamanism
– Course of Chromotherapy & Course of Cristaloterapia