The Akashic Records are the invisible library of the universe, encoded only in energetic and timeless form.

It looks like a mega site of the universe, where everything that the entire cosmos needs to know to be able to evolve has been captured.

The Akashic Records are the records of the journey of the soul from its beginning and contain all the possibilities of its future development. In them all eternity is collected, and the journey of each Soul that is identified by the full name and the date of birth. We can all access them, if we know how to interpret the language of Light in which the information is downloaded, which is also printed in our DNA. The reading of Registers is not a system of divination, it is access to the Wisdom of the Soul through your Higher Self and from the Source of Light in which your Soul dwells.

The Masters of the Registers inform us of our mission, soul origin, past lives, blockages, life plan, limitations, pending learning, learning from other lives that can help you now, behavioral patterns that you came to transmute, spiritual techniques or alternatives that you could learn to grow internally, what you need for your evolutionary moment, both of the present, past, future, other lives … etc.
Every time you access your Registries, a karmic purification is performed. Likewise with the records you can promote an energetic healing of ancestral patterns, or of your past lives, looking for the causes and circumstances that lead you to behave in a concrete way now, and recognizing a truth of the Soul Level and that is where find the true healing because to be produced requires the permanent evolution of the soul and this will occur with a permanent change in the way we perceive ourselves, later in the way we treat ourselves.

How to ask them?

It is recommended to ask with conscience of what you want to know and with deep RESPECT AND LOVE, because you are going to access the file of your Divine Essence. The questions should be directed to wide answers without limiting them to a response of YES or NO… It is recommended to avoid the questions with temporary references since the Registries are eternal and are not limited by the parameters of space and time. The answers offer the consultant the requested information as long as it is for evolution and spiritual growth of the being. The messages are channelings made of high energy vibrations whose frequency is only LOVE, therefore the sent message contributes only positive information to the consultant

You can prepare some questions or let them send the generic information without asking.

The session

The PRESENTIAL & ONLINE  SESSIONS have an approximate duration of 1h.
Price: 60€