AyurVida Project

We are a research association of ayurveda, yoga and natural therapies. Since 2004 we are learning Ayurveda and we know great professionals that we recommend from experience and from the heart, without wanting to lead the patient to any particular therapy. Above all, we intend to learn and teach how to prevent diseases through a good diet, an active life, a healthy mind, a certain daily routine and provide some techniques to enjoy a fuller and more balanced life.

In 2012 between Kerala and Ibiza we started to create the project and to give training courses. Now after years working together, we can say that we are a great team, starting with different Ayurvedic doctors, doctors and vaidyas, doctors in Tibetan medicine, physical therapists, Ayurveda therapists, yoga teachers and different natural therapies.

On the other hand, and with the website www.beyondthejourney.com, we dedicate ourselves preparing trips to different parts of the world, places where ancient civilizations often developed around a telluric focus and left amazing archaeological remains, getting to know the people and cultures that currently live in those places. For a decade and a half we have also followed solar eclipses around the world. On one of those trips studying Ayurveda in India, we realized that it is a very good, authentic and clean approach to “the science of life”. Know yourself in order to be well balanced and in harmony with others. We believe that it is what must be recovered and transmitted.


AyurVida Ibiza project is focused on researching and demonstrating that Ayurveda can treat numerous imbalances that damage the health of our body and, more importantly, help prevent diseases and offer knowledge of techniques that have been used successfully for millennia, which they provide health, well-being, balance, and strength, without suffering the side effects of their medicines and therapies.

Ayurveda means “the science of life” so the most important part of the project consists of investigating different natural therapies, monitoring the evolution of patients while we collate a database made by doctors and therapists who today today they work consciously, obtaining very good results.

Always keeping in mind that there are different tools and therapies to choose from, that works differently for each person. Sometimes is better to apply one therapy or the other, it can be traditional medicine or Western medicine, always mindful of tailoring therapies to suit the individuals needs, depending on the state of the disease or the emergency in which he or she is.

These tools help us to fix our blockages, balance humors, detoxify the body, relax the mind and have good health. There are different types of therapies and traditions, some sessions more energetic, and others more physical, some more mental and others more spiritual, always considering the patient as a whole human being, with body, mind, spirit and emotions. The human being is very subtle, and it is possible to heal those subtle parts that affect our daily life in an efficient and real way. We are not just a body carried by a mind guided by an ego, as we are told in our modern culture.

To have good health, it is not only important to receive external therapies, we must evolve individually, focus, love and care for ourselves, it is also very important to nourish ourselves with knowledge! So in AyurVida we also focus a lot on education, offering free conferences, workshops, coexistence with different people from the world, trips, excursions… Sharing stories, traditions and legends of the Magic Island and the ancient cultures of the World. We are also focused on different forms of self-sustainable life in Nature, permaculture, renewable energy, health, nutrition…

 If you ask us for advice, we will try to find the most appropriate therapy and therapists for your needs in different parts of the world, especially on the island of Ibiza.

    Terapia Detox o Panchakarma*

    *sólo bajo supervisión de un doctor

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