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Tamara Chekaloff Zulet, therapist and companion in Biological Decoding, undergraduate student in Psychology.
It offers a therapeutic accompaniment to discover the unconscious patterns that may be limiting you in different areas of our lives, love, work, family, etc.
On a physical level, accompanying through active listening for ailments to help release the emotions that are behind physical expression.

Have strong experiences happened to you, lived repeatedly? Do you feel that over and over again you live the same situation in a dramatic way? Are you in a life that doesn’t make you happy, but you can’t find the reasons to change it? Are there diseases that recur in your family? Are there situations of a couple, of children, of addictions that are repeated in your family tree?

I invite you to the TRANSGENERATIONAL workshop

🌳To recognize and release unconscious “inherited” programming from our family tree.

🌳We will learn to recognize what a legacy program can be.

🌳We will learn to be aware and release memories that we are repeating.

🌳We will take positive resources from our ancestors to live connected with our ESSENTIAL BEING and manifest our own GIFTS.

Amount: € 40 (20% discount for registrations before 10/31, day of all the dead, gift from our Ancestors)

Date: 06/11/2020 Timetable (Spain) 7:00 p.m. – Argentina: 2:00 p.m. Mexico: 12.00 h Duration 3 h.

Don’t miss it, more info here 👇

Lugar: AyurVida Ibiza, en Avenida de España 96,1ºb
Reservas: +34 609 776 812
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Todos los días bajo cita previa terapias y tratamientos

Reservas: (0034) 971 390 552

Whastapp (0034) 609 776812


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