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“Reiki is a Japanese word whose translation comes to be interpreted as cosmic (Ki) energy (Rei) and refers to the energy that is present in nature and in everything and that, since time immemorial, many traditions have been defining with different names As is the case of Prana for the Hindus, Chi for the Chinese or Bioplasma for the scientific studies carried out by the former Soviet Union.

This path of self-discovery and healing was rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese professor of the nineteenth century, who after a long investigation and internal search came to connect with the source of this energy and, since then, it has been a technique that has not ceased to spread and reach every corner of the world.

Over time it is a path that has evolved and currently you can find several lineages and modes that differ slightly from each other despite the fact that the energy they work with is still Reiki itself, which is why we find several ways such as Reiki Usui, Tibetan Reiki, Karuna, Egyptian, … From my point of view and to make a simile that helps us understand these ramifications and their differences, we could say that Reiki would be the water of a pure and inexhaustible spring and the different routes that have appeared would be the brand of the bottling company and the treatment that has been given to said water for its consumption.

The way this energy has to heal, heal and boost the evolutionary processes of each person is explained as follows: the person who receives the initiation to connect with this energy receives the ability to channel through the palms of his hands. Reiki energy being able, since then, to transmit this energy to yourself and others in order that your physical, energetic body, emotions and thoughts harmonize. The initiation is facilitated by a person who has previously been initiated as a Reiki teacher, which happens after having completed each level of the corresponding training. Receiving this energy from a reiki practitioner harmonizes the entire energy system of meridians and chakras, thus affecting the entire physical, mental and emotional body, leaving the person balanced.

As is known and verified by science, diseases have their origin in the mental and emotional world; when a mental or emotional knot is not resolved in its corresponding plane, if it lasts over time, it can manifest itself in the physical body as a disease or illness. Reiki is a very useful tool in this regard since it works in these subtle planes before the disease is expressed in the body, previously solving it in the corresponding mental or emotional plane before the body must clean the disharmony through the disease . In the event that the disease is already embodied, reiki is an invaluable aid as a complement to traditional medicine or even as a single treatment although recoveries in this case may require perseverance and prolonged treatments.

The ability to channel this energy is far from being a capacity for a few or a gift from a limited number of people. In fact, if human beings were at peace with themselves and aligned with their inner reality, Reiki would be something that would flow naturally through them. The fact of receiving the initiation is a great help to reach that peace and connect with that internal reality through which the person joins this energy and can make use of it when requested.

In recent years many scientific studies have been certifying the enormous benefits that this practice provides in patients with oncology and how their recoveries have been accelerated and have been less traumatic than those of those patients who do not receive the sessions. .

The effects described by those who practice this discipline or those patients who have received sessions are, among others, those of entering into tremendous inner peace, experiences of deep mental calm, increase of the immune system, greater resistance to disease. , faster recovery and healing of ailments, expansion of the subtle perception of energy itself and resolution of old conflicts ”

7th August

From 10till 2pm, and from 5 till 7pm

Place: AyurVida Ibiza, in Avenida de España 96,1ºb
Reservations: +34 609 776 812

First Level of Reiki
In this seminar we will carry out the necessary initiation to channel this Reiki energy to a higher frequency helping you in your evolutionary process of awakening and healing, enhancing and amplifying your sessions.
You will learn about new healing techniques such as Psychic Surgery and new Symbols to apply in your personal and therapeutic work.
We will perform several Meditations to enter deep states of Being that will help and support you on your way.

Alejandro Yeste Montesinos.
Bachelor of Psychology
Usui / Tibetan, Karuna, Egyptian, Deva Reiki and Unitarian Reiki Master.
Akashic Records Master (Nadaji Method)
Kundalini and Hatha Yoga instructor.
Meditation Instructor.
Dikshaka (Priest) of the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition.
Kurakakuyok (Priest) of the Q’ero Shamanic tradition of Peru.


Price: 120 €

Place: AyurVida Ibiza, in Avenida de España 96.1ºb
Reservations: +34 609 776 812

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