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With Harmony Hannigan


Thursday, 23rd January , 5:30 pm
Contribution: 20 €

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Harmony Hannigan

My birth found me in a family where meditation and spiritual education were of the utmost importance and therefore, I went to a Vedanta school in London. My first love was dance and I studied classical ballet. However, it was at the end of my career in Psychology when an eager trip to India led me to deepen more than I had anticipated in yoga. I discovered a deep work at the energy level that generated an interest in the most subtle aspects of yoga.

After my initial training in India, which I subsequently completed in Europe with different teachers and in various styles of yoga, I decided to train as a teacher with Agama Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra) in Thailand. In parallel, I continued to look for outstanding teachings such as those by Danilo Hernández (Swami Digambarananda), from the Swami Satyananda Saraswati lineage, which have greatly influenced my personal practice and my way of teaching.
My teacher is Shri Mooji, from the Ramana Maharishi lineage (Vedanta Advaita). It teaches that when there is an absolute disidentification with the world, the body and the thoughts there can be a recognition of the True nature of Being.

I have studied different techniques of massage (shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Thai) and healing (reiki, crystals and pendulum). The knowledge of these together with the interest in psychology have brought greater dimension to my work. The initiation in the puja, yagna and prana pratishta rituals of the Tantric and Vedic traditions have also given me powerful tools for channeling energy.

Since 2004, I share the teachings of yoga and meditation in Spain and abroad, I have taught for pregnant women and postpartum, I am trained in yoga for children and I have taught courses for executives. My most recent work is with Couple and Group Yoga that generates more love, respect and sincere communication, necessary to extend the work of individual yoga towards dealing with everyone else.

I have been living with my partner and my two daughters since 2006 in an olive grove in the Sierra de Gredos (Ávila), where we have a “La Morada” space for activities related to yoga and healing.

Since 2009, I offer a personal Yoga Training that deepens all the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga, beginning with the purification of the physical system and awakening the consciousness of each individual’s energy body. The courses take place in Madrid and La Sierra de Gredos where we combine physical and meditative practice with the study of sacred texts and voluntary work in the field to reestablish an intimate connection with nature.

I also give Spiritual Life Coaching sessions for individuals seeking support during a crisis process, in need of transformation. These sessions are suitable for everyone, do not require experience in yoga because they are based on tools especially pisco-spiritual, however if necessary I offer an individual yoga program to practice at home.

I am interested in sharing a range of old tools presented in a clear and accessible way for everyone so that everyone can experience a respectful dialogue with himself, which serves as a guide to physical, mental and emotional health. By restoring this balance, one can realize his potential as a human being, respecting the earth and its inhabitants and at the same time come to recognize the divine consciousness that exists in everything manifested.






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