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The unity of yoga

The Upanishads and Yoga Sutras give us precise instructions to realize our unity with Creation. In this workshop we will explore the steps to make it happen in our daily practice.

You will learn how the ancient teachings can lead us to a life of empathy for all things in the Universe, and awaken a deep sense of gratitude for being an essential part of it.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn

– How the Upanishads were revealed to mankind.
– The meaning of Tat Tvam Asi, what it teaches and how to recognize it.
– How the Yoga Sutras can help us understand the Upanishads.
– Daily practical steps to carry out the teachings.
– How to plan an effective Sadhana or daily spiritual practice.

Full program:

Session 01 – The Yoga Unity Seminar.
Session 02 – Traditional Hatha Yoga Class.
Session 03 – Yoga Nidra.

Place: AyurVida Ibiza and online
Date: Saturday, September 18
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Contribution: 40 €

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Bira Gonzaga is a yogi, a Author and Senior Lecturer. She began practicing in 2000 and teaching in 2007. She lived in India for many years, and her life in the Himalayas brought her into contact with yogis of deep knowledge. She also lived five years

in a shamanic community in the Amazon jungle, where he had profound experiences with Ayahuasca. The objective of his teachings is to bring spiritual knowledge to the physical practices of yoga and turn it into the behavior of daily life.
Her focus in each class is to awaken the dormant wisdom in each student, and melt it into our breath, our mind, asanas, and everything we do in life.

He has already taught classes and workshops in more than eleven countries and is the author of the novel Tommy Pilgrim. He has a published course on Yoga International and also writes articles for YogiApproved.com.

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