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By Divad Rut y Juangui Miliffi

📆 1st de DECEMBER de 17:17 a 20:20
In 🌱 AyurVida Ibiza

“This Sunday, December 1 from 17:17 to 20:20 we want to invite you to a session of Kundalini Serpent.

This is a transmission of the vital energy (also known as Prana, ki, Chi, Mana) through a person who acts as a channel, who directly or indirectly touches certain energetic points of the body which causes them to activate.

To quiet the thoughts, the first part of the session will be devoted to the practice of pranayamas (breath control) and physical movements so that the mind and body are relaxed and prepared for the reception of energy.

In the session you can feel the unlocks of the energy field.

We share the video so you can see a bit of what it is, but we invite you to experience it.

It is important to bring comfortable clothes and not eat anything at least three hours before the event

It will be a pleasure to share this experience together, trying to try to be our purest version every day. ”

Namaste 🙏

👉🏽 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug4RoZ-yV8A

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