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Work your emotions for an empowered birth.

Humans continually overlook that “WE ARE AN ANIMAL SPECIES”, we are Human Mammals, we have the innate ability to sustain the species for millennia and women have the intrinsic ability to ourselves, to have a healthy, natural and healthy pregnancy and delivery. perfect for our son.

Childbirth is the sum of two wills, one with active direction, the baby, in normal natural situations, is the one that determines the moment of delivery, when its respiratory system is formed, it releases a hormone that the mother captures causing the start of the Birth. So the mother is receptive to the baby, more passive, it is as if they were two flowers that open facing each other, the baby opens outwards, to come out. The mother opens to receive him.

You just have to allow it, let our human nature manifest. This is the most difficult thing in today’s society.

Obviously with the necessary medical care, but being aware that the protagonists at the time of delivery are the mother, mainly, being the conscious part and the baby, being the vulnerable part to the decisions made by the mother.

In this course, we will become aware of our mammalian nature, we will find our internal place of responsibility and power over the birth of our child.

We will review our relationship with fears of childbirth, of being vulnerable, our relationship with pain, family stories that may be influencing negatively, we will provide resources to choose to experience childbirth from our own reality.

The importance of creating our holographic nest, including childbirth as part of nesting. Thus bring awareness to the importance from our mammalian being of creating a conscious space to give birth.

We will also review and work on the relationship with our network. We are, also Gregorian beings, that is, we live in communities. So it is very important for our survival, the networks, the immediate communities. Our networks do not have to be our immediate relatives if they are not a positive contribution to our lives.

Bringing a being into the world puts us women in a vulnerable, receptive situation, it has to be like that to be able to receive the baby in a healthy way, (The flower that opens inward) That is why it is very important to review our networks surroundings since they have a fundamental function that is to protect the mother and the baby.

In summary, the course is the creation of a holographic network so that mothers who want to carry out a birth according to their internal nature, can work on those emotional blocks that keep them from trusting their own body and innate instinct.

In the course, I provide general, but not specific, information on childbirth, so each mother, seeking information through her midwife, doctor, books, etc. You can construct your birth according to your own nature and although I share my experience, I place special emphasis on mothers deciding how and where the best place to give birth is, without my influence. Thus they can build their nest according to their inner nature.

The course will help them to enter the state of confidence to have the birth of their choice, giving them awareness and remembering its nature.

About me:

My name is Tamara Chekaloff, I have training as a counselor and companion in biological decoding and I am still studying for my undergraduate degree in Psychology.

I have written a book called: “Work your emotions for an empowered birth”, where I tell the importance of reconnecting with our inner nature and being aware in order to allow ourselves a natural and healthy birth. The book is written from a therapeutic, emotional perspective and from the mother that I am.

The most important contribution to taking this course and writing the book is the fact that I had 3 natural, connected, loving births that have completely transformed my life. Two of those deliveries were at home and the last one was in the hospital, showing me that “where” does not matter so much, if there is intimacy, darkness, silence, respect and the mother’s choice to decide and if she has a developed internal power to make wise decisions for your body and baby.

As a therapist, I give consultations to pregnant mothers and also Biological Decoding, I do courses and I continue researching and writing.

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