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From the 18th till 20th October
Friday: From 10am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
24 hour course
AyurVida Ibiza, in Avenida de España 96,1ºb
609 776 812 (whatsapp) info@ayurvidaibiza.com

The Ayurvedic marma massage taught in this course follows a path from the feet to the head, through the various marmas and chakras. The aim is to clean the whole system, balance the vata dosha and, as it governs the element of movement in the body, its balance allows the pitta and kapha doshas to move back into balance.

The physical body: As we massage the matter of the body, we activate the water element, (lymph, blood, fluids.) this work continues and the fire element (heat in tissues, organs, metabolism) activates and begins to dislodge the toxins. The water element then transports them to exit points (blood, urine, faeces, sweat, breath.) As toxins are eliminated the air element (respiration, circulation) and ether elements (space of the body, organs, systems, etc.) function better.

The energetic body: feels the improvement of the physical, but is furthered stimulated by the activation of Marma points (vital energy points) that we stimulate as we work. There are 350 in our system; we concern ourselves with 35. As we massage, we follow the chakra lines in the body, opening, stimulating and balancing as we go. This work combines to free the prana or vital energy flow in the system.

This course concentrates on the practical application of Ayurvedic massage.

The teacher will massage alongside the student showing the correct points, the sequences and pressure needed.

Special attention is given to develop a correct posture while massaging, together with mental and emotional stability to practice the massage with full ones undivided attention. This enables the therapist to provide a true holistic treatment.

On successful completion students will be issued with a certificate.

Umberto Grippo

Is living in Auroville, a community (India Tamil Nadu), which experiments and works to establish Human Unity. Inspired by the Philosophy of Integral Yoga by Sri Aurovindo.
He was trained by Master Govindam in Ayurveda and marmas massage in the 1996 and after some years started to teach. Complimentary he practice the Aura reading, a skill to help and support the process of those that need clarification on the energy dynamic that manifest in what we call believe systems that can create block’s for further development. The Aura reading can create new possibilities giving awareness and empower new possibilities, by taking personal responsability in life.
Since 2000 he travels regularly in Europe to teach and share this precious technique of Marma Massage and gives treatments in different countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and India yearly.




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