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“Removal of obstacles and ground anchoring”
The “Way of Life” course has been possible to create thanks to my own way, all the events, all the obstacles, all the experiences and all the people who have passed through it.
Since I was very little I have had the innate ability of extrasensory perception, I always took it in a hidden way, where I thought that this would bring me problems more than other things until April 29, 2017 Rubén Álvarez and his kinesiology appear in my life transgenerational. This module gave meaning to everything that I had always lived in reference to everything related to spiritual energy. This module changes my life and it is one of those responsible for me being here and now writing my own introduction to the course.
In April 2018 I return to the “kinesencial” experiential workshop, there another great change occurs in my life, the workshop made my channel open even more and that is where I begin to receive all the information from my teachers, who have taken me to put all your knowledge in consultation ..
In November 2018 I begin the training of Unified Kinesiology “, the course has provided me with all the tools I need to sustain my channel and not only has this allowed me to exercise my great passion, to be able to be a therapist who practices through channeling everything my teachers tell me and all the knowledge that Unified Kinesiology® has given me, making it possible for my patients to tackle the difficulties and blockages that they may present in their lives and thus release the obstacles that have been holding them back in their life path and achieve emotional, physical and mental well-being.
My first contact with my teachers made me understand how our healing mechanisms worked. They tell me that we are like an onion, we are healing in layers. In my channeling they always give me the priority layer that the body can heal and can sustain for the duration of the healing period.


In this course I am going to teach you everything that my teachers have taught me and I have been able to verify in consultation and in myself, how the spiritual world works, what obstacles prevent us from directing our life in our desired path of the soul and how to solve them with Techniques and protocols of subtle emotional and energetic kinesiology.

I will also teach you how to anchor your energy to earth so that you do not fly away by raising your vibratory rate and you can handle all the capabilities and information that you can access on your channel. In this way you can be stronger while working with other people and will not destabilize you in your day to day“.


  1. Introduction “Way of Life”
    Our Body and its Layers
    What interferes with our layers, which make us lead a certain path of life:
     Obstacles
     Mental structures
     Past and future lives
     Gestation

     Stages of life when you have suffered a blockage

     Transgenerational

     Transit

     What happens in the event of death by: o Accident o Suicide o Abortion
     Duel not performed
    Low astral entities
    Got damn
    Other consciences

    Fairies, elves ….

     aliens

    Boycott in the car staje
    Protocol ground anchor
    Identify when the information is correct


Channeler for personal development

Beatriz has the innate ability of extrasensory perception that allows her to access, with the person’s consent, the information that she houses in the unconscious and subconscious, places where we keep all the experiences and lived events.

It is a direct way to address the difficulties and blockages that the person may present in his life and thus release the obstacles that have been holding him back in his life path and achieve emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Further training
• In training: Unified Kinesiology®
• In training: Integration of Primitive Reflexes through Unified Kinesiology® • Kinesencial Experiential Workshop, Unified Kinesiology®
• Transgenerational Kinesiology, Unified Kinesiology®


Course way of life

16th  & 17th of may

Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Donation :195 €

Lugar: AyurVida Ibiza, en Avenida de España 96,1ºb
Reservas: 646 438 632 / 609 776 812

Todos los días bajo cita previa terapias y tratamientos

Reservas: (0034) 971 390 552

Whastapp (0034) 609 776812


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