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The creator of the Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger, a German philosopher and psychoanalyst, created his own method of phenomenological and systemic psychotherapy, within the focus of brief humanistic and existentialist therapies.
He is currently developing a new global, paradigmatic thought, based on his phenomenological observation and his philosophical reflection: the Hellinger Sciencia. The “new” constellations are the fruit of the evolution of his understandings.
He studied Philosophy, Theology and Pedagogy. After specializing in psychoanalysis with Janov, he continued his training in various psychotherapeutic schools: Gestalt, Psychodrama, Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP with Erickson himself, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Family Therapy by Iván Boszomenyi-Nagy, Strategic Therapy, assimilating the essentials of each one.
Thus, he comes to practice psychotherapy in an original and increasingly synthetic way.
As much for its philosophical base as for its method, constellations are not a new technique, but the development of new paradigms, observations and awareness; a new science of life, the benefit, strength, freedom and joy of living extend to entire systems.
In addition to everything that Hellinguer has offered us, it is worth highlighting and underlining the added and extensive work of Brigitte Champetier de Ribes. Thanks to his work and research at a systemic, scientific and phenomenological level we know that Family Constellations are an approach to YES AND THANKS TO LIFE AS IT IS. Thus releasing healing forces towards the abundance and joy of life.
Workshop proposals with a single objective: to be able to live more from being, in the present, in the adult, accepting everything as it is, saying yes to life as it is, thanking everything as it is, sustaining the wounds and needs, discovering the gifts innate, watching us, awake to the signs of life, growing from conflict, communicating more assertively, being more loving with ourselves …
The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to carry out personal and systemic work where you see, become aware, work and create new healing forces in the face of possible knots, disappointments, emotional situations, blockages, restlessness …

When wounds, blockages, disorders are healed … a force arrives that tunes us to the energy and flow of life. That strength and harmony with the movement of life, with everything it brings us, is what leads us to growth as individuals and as systems or groups towards well-being, openness of heart and vision. Furthermore, this work takes us further, to a greater understanding, seeing that we are all part of a unit, a unit to which all, absolutely all, without exclusion, are part.

“When an ancestor left something unfinished, such as an unsupported anger, an unfulfilled desire for revenge, an unsupported guilt or crime, a field of “archaic compensation” opens up: the family unconscious designates a descendant to conclude what remained without closing. That descendant, from its conception, is then trapped in that archaic field of compensation and can do nothing but repeat that past, until it is realized. And when he realizes it is when he separates himself from the past and assumes his present, his emotions and his actions, without blaming others, leaving the field of archaic compensation and entering the field of autonomy. This whole process is totally unconscious. And life is going to send us situations in the mirror of what the ancestor lived so that we live these situations from the present and the adult. As soon as we live the conflict assuming it, from the adult, the ancestors are resolved in parallel, and we free ourselves from the burden that we had”. Bert Hellinger



I started in 2006 in family constellations and in training at the Institute of Family Constellations of Madrid in 2009 by Brigitte Champetier de Ribes and in 2010 with Bert Hellinger.
Apart from this, through the constellations I also studied neurolinguistic programming and transactional analysis.
As a personal experience it is transformative where it allows to modify beliefs, patterns of conduct and even a more loving vision towards our life.


Family Constellations Workshop

Saturday 2nd of may 2020, from 10am til 2pm  and from 4-8pm

Donation :100 €

Where: AyurVida Ibiza, en Avenida de España 96,1ºb
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