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The path of the heart
Weekend training -Ibiza

Everyone who is interested in recognizing, confronting and overcoming their limitations that prevent them from expressing themselves in the best version of themselves and thus feel fulfilled, fulfilled, in harmony, in peace in their hearts and with joy of living, feeling, loving and sharing .

Objectives of the course

Provide participants with tools that will lead them to:

– Recognize what your current condition is (Am I happy, I live in love, I feel full, I walk my dreams?)
– Recognize when we deviate and hold our masks
– Make the decision to consciously manifest a full life instantly instant.
– To glimpse that manifesting from our essence we can be and do anything
Learning objectives

– That the participants break the paradigms that keep them in a limited and conditioned life in order to reconnect to their heart and to the divine essence that lives in each one of us and from there to express instant to instant a full life, in love, joy, peace of soul and peace.

– Recognize what their talents, gifts, virtues, faculties and powers are for them to fulfill life’s submission.

Materials (Grandfather Eagle – Visionary, Venerable being that knows – Shaman):

– Printed material: A set of attached documents
– Writing material (Ballpoint pen and notebook)
– Comfortable clothes for psychophysical practices
– If the participant has sacred instruments (rattle, drum, snail, etc.) bring them

June 20 20: 15h Conference Presentation of the path of the heart as a way of life

1. Free will.

2. Innate potential of our sacred nature.

3. Origin

4. Father Sun

5. Fractal codes and vibratory frequencies.

6. Cosmic respiration.

7. The water of life.

8. Sunlight, energy and fire.

9. Smell the fragrances of flowers.

10. Thought, word and sacred word.

11. The beat of our hearts.

12. Feel and share.


June 21 19-21h Winter Solstice Ceremony What is solstice energy? How do we receive it and conduct it?

– Introduction: What is the energy of the solstice, How do we receive it and conduct it?

– Lead the participants to release the burden they carry and empower themselves to manifest the splendor of their being. It is performed in star alignment (Summer Solstice) to drive the energies of nature for the empowerment of the participant

June 22 10-18h Training Path of the heart Universal Wisdom, the mastery of the Being and the Shamanic essence

– Protocol: Recognize some guiding principles of life that lead us to manifest ourselves impeccably as the best version of ourselves

– Love is the way, the way is love: Recognize what is true love and how to live in love

– The essence of being and the mastery of self-deception: Identification of our current condition What are our limitations?

– Manifest of life: Recognize How to reconnect to our divine essence?


More information and reservations:

0034 609776812


Francisco Aguilar Rodríguez

“Golden Eagle”

Origin Mexica-Tolteca-Universal

Founder and representative of the universal wisdom council

Creator of the unification project
President of the Unify Humanity Foundation

Director of the Calmeca Quetzalcóatl University of light (Universe and give light)

Summer Solstice

The synchronicities of the Universe, and the magic of the island of Ibiza in times of solstice, bring together the guardians of the Toltec tradition who share different visions of their wisdom; The grandmother Evelia Padilla, expert in Shamanic Bioprogramming and Francisco Aguilar, Real Eagle, who will talk about the Way of the heart.

We will meet on Thursday, June 20, at 8:15 pm in a free chat at AyurVida Ibiza (limited capacity)
Solstice Ceremony: Friday, June 21, 6:00 pm (suggested contribution: € 15)


For the first time in Europe, with his visit to the grandmother Evelia Padilla, expert in Shamanic Bio Programming, Authorized Address of Ancestral Ceremonies, Member of the Circle of Elders of La Huasteca, Member of the Mother Earth Connection Council of Guadalajara. Creator of the diploma “Man or Woman, Medicine in two years”. Also carrier of the sacred skull of universal love.
This time he is accompanied by his team consisting of his daughter Lourdes, the Medicine Woman Chamalula, Co-creator of the Shaman Bioprogramming diploma and the program for Living in Abundance and the ARBIVA System, Certified in the Game of Power Animals and Floral therapist, CNV Promoter (Nonviolent Communication) and ABUELO ANGEL, shaman and medicine man of Mayan lineage.

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