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In Ayurvida Ibiza & online

An introduction to Flower therapy as a tool for self-awareness and emotional healing.

1st SESISION : Free admission under appointment

Friday, 2nd October 6-7pm

We will address the history of the creator of this Therapy, Dr. Edward Bach, and the philosophy behind its application. We will also do a brief review of each of the Bach flowers and their relationship with personality.

2nd SESSION: 20 € (including your floral preparation)

Friday, 9th October 6-8pm

We will know how to prepare the flowers and we will delve into some of them in order to later experience the realization of a unique floral recipe for each participant in the workshop.



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What is Flower Therapy?

Flower therapy is a natural therapy which is carried out through drinking flower essences.
The flower essences are natural preparations of wild flowers, therapeutic properties
were discovered, between the years 1928 and 1936, by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician,
bacteriologist, homeopath and fond of the study of astrology, alchemy and botany
hermetic. The merit of Dr. Bach was to perceive and verify the healing properties of elixirs
made with the flowers of 38 plants. Dr. Bach divided the 38 remedies into 7 groups
emotional, which he described as the 7 great themes of the Human Being.

Bach believed that the disease could never be cured or eradicated only through
material methods, for the simple fact that its origin is not material. Understanding of this
forms the disease as the result of a conflict between our soul and our personality.
When the personality is diverted from the path traced by the soul, the conflict that will be the
source of unhappiness and sickness. Thus determining that diseases have their cause
origin in the emotional world, so the therapy to be prescribed must act on this
level to prevent and eradicate them completely and completely. It took five years to discover
of the series of 38 flowers, which would treat mental or emotional states, thus helping the
people as individuals at once to treat the disease or symptom.

From the point of view of Flower Therapy, disease, whether physical, mental or emotional, is the state
terminal of a much deeper disorder, it is a call from the Soul, whose purpose is to give the signal
of the emotion that the person represses. The flower therapist is on a mission to discover emotion
“Negative” that represses the consultant, who is the cause of the disease or symptom and give the
corresponding flower remedy that will guide you to expand your awareness and do the learning
necessary for your healing. In this way enhancing the connection with the soul, in which it resides
harmony, balance and divinity, and that once rediscovered would lead us to healing.

Flower therapy has more than 80 years of history and that implies a significant number of cases
resolved and published clinical trials that support its effectiveness. It has the advantage of not having
contraindications or cause undesirable effects, in addition to being compatible with any type
treatment. Most of its users are psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical doctors and good
part of alternative health professionals have the merit of being responsible for their

What do these flower preparations heal?

Affective disorders, emotional and mental imbalance disturbed by emotional states
like fear, sadness, uncertainty, hatred, anger, resentment, despair,
among others; and consequently its impacts on the physical body. Bach flower essences
are of extraordinary utility for the development of the most basic in the life of a
person: self-esteem, preventive care of physical, emotional and mental health.

The emotional, mental and physical benefit provided by drinking these flower essences in a
prolonged is resounding: duels and separations that are accepted and overcome; decision making by
long postponed; crossing dreaded situations that paralyzed us for years;
reorienting one’s life in the appropriate direction as observation and
modification of attitudes and reactions that hurt us and damage our relationships.

What is the flower therapy session?
There are several ways to perform a flower therapy consultation. However it is essential
that there is a space in which the person can express and become aware of the issues
that afflict or worry. This is why personally I carry out a 50-minute session,
in which the main topics to work on emerge through conversation and verbalization,
thus allowing to identify and determine the necessary flower essences in relation to these
themselves. In this way, a unique and individualized floral recipe is prepared for
each person. The amount and frequency of treatment is 4 drops 4 times a day for a period
approximately 4 weeks. After this time, the current state of the
person and a floral recipe is prepared again considering advances, new themes
emerging and deepening of which awareness has already been made.



Pamela Auger Lancellotti, Occupational Therapist and Floral Therapist.
She studied Occupational Therapy at the Universidad Mayor in Chile, obtaining her degree in the year.
2009. Later she carried out various academic formations among which stand out
Diploma in Attachment and Early Care, Diploma in Human Occupation Model,
Master in Developmental Disorders and Learning Difficulties and Postgraduate in Integration

In 2011, she decided to train as a Floral Therapist, after personally experiencing the
effects of flowers on your life. After two years of training at the Universo Floral school in
the city of Viña del Mar, Chile, obtained the title of floral therapist in 2013. Beginning
immediately her mission as a flower therapist, delving into Chilean flower systems,.
discovering and becoming more and more passionate about flower therapy by observing the evolution of their
patients and how it was perfectly complemented with Occupational Therapy.

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