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Do not miss the opportunity to discover from the hand of Héctor Ribao how astrology and your Natal Chart can be applied for the self-knowledge, healing and maximization of our human potential, as if it were an interior map, allowing us to see our life , that of our ancestors and our planetary heritage with a broader, convergent and liberating perspective.
Your inner map indicates your hidden potentials, unconscious motivations, self-sabotaging areas and creative tensions, serving us to access the areas of greater transformation and inner power. As well as choosing the therapeutic or the best adapted to your archetypal and bioenergetic constitution.
If you also complete your personal study with naturopathic, kinesiological assessments, homeopathic repertorization of your history, observation test of your drop of live and dry blood under the dark field microscope you can obtain a * Personal, Natural and Integrative Health Plan perfectly adapted to your needs , current condition and current lifestyle.
Héctor is an expert in bioenergetic and symbiotic nutrition. Complementation and orthomolecular phytotherapy. Vegetal and mineral spagyria suitable for Natal Astrodiagnostics.

With Héctor Ribao, an astrologer with 15 years of clinical experience, a certified naturopath and an integrative therapist, researcher and experimenter of different ancestral initiatory traditions and a member of La Escuela de Navegantes, a pioneer in Spain in transpersonal psychology.
Creator of different workshops and teaching programs in Astrology and alchemy, psychology, nutrition, intestinal health and primary health.
With extensive experience in naturopathic recommendations in pregnancy, children’s, family and sports health.

“HIH Holistic Integrative Health – Integrative Natural Health”.


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PLACE: AyurVida Ibiza, en Avenida de España 96,1ºb
BOOKINGS: 609 776 812 (whatsapp) ayurvidaibiza@gmail.com

Todos los días bajo cita previa terapias y tratamientos

Reservas: (0034) 971 390 552

Whastapp (0034) 609 776812


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