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With Juan Guido

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a form of dynamic yoga. It differs from hatha yoga by the practice of vinyasa. Vinyasa literally means synchronized movement and breathing system. And these movements are the ones that link one posture with the other. Each posture is meticulously designed with a certain number of movements and breaths so that with the running of the classes the student will link the posture faithfully following the rhythm of breaths and movements. The sequence of postures will always be the same and the student will add positions as their practice progresses. Apart from the vinyasa system other elements will be decisive for the practice: Ujjayi breathing (pranayama), bands (energy closures), dristi (glances) help the practitioner to concentrate and increase energy throughout the practice.
It will be a pleasure to practice together


Tuesday, 5th November, 8:30 pm
Contribution: € 5


Tuesday 8:30pm and Thursday, 7:30 pm

Single classes: € 10
Per month: 4 classes € 35, 8 classes € 50

What yoga will we practice?

Together we will work an Asthanga / Vinyasa Yoga style.

We will combine the best of physical exercise with the philosophy of a traditional yoga, getting our body to flow and our mind to be free.

We will mix Vinyasa and Ashtanga postures, achieving a perfect dynamic yoga that will give you a feeling of flexibility, balance and agility, as well as gaining strength.

We will take care of our body alignment, correct postures, deepen breathing and feel the benefits that yoga brings to our body and mind with practice.

Más información y reservas: 

+34 646 438 632




My name is Juan Guido but people call me Juangui. I was born and raised in Argentina, I am a yoga teacher and swimmer. Yoga came into my life by chance when I lived in Mar del Plata, after an injury caused by not listening to my body and overloading it in swimming training. It is at this time that I developed and deepened my practice and then discovered my passion and vocation for this discipline. My usual practice was ashtanga but now I like to vary the styles of dynamic yoga. In 2016 I was certified by yoga alliance. I continue to train through workshops, trainings and retreats with teachers who inspire me. Yoga changed my life and I hope it changes yours too. It is a path that will help you break the hearts we usually wear to really see ourselves as we are. I am often asked what type of yoga I teach, I love adapting to the needs, trying to interpret what is best for that moment. It is a yoga for people who need to disconnect from their routine and reconnect with themselves. I try to convey what I know in the simplest and easiest way. I am part of a foundation in Argentina for which I teach called @fundacionnomeolvodes. My goal is for there to be more love and harmony among all because we are all one unit. There is no separation, that is an illusion. It will be a pleasure to meet you and share. Thank you for taking the time to read me and know me a little. Namaste.







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Todos los días bajo cita previa terapias y tratamientos

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