• When they are in tune with their life purpose

Regression is rediscovering, remembering, reaffirming your purpose. The belief is not sought, there is direct experimentation. Go to the root, the origin, where, when, with whom, why … and the understanding gives Freedom. Observing the events objectively allows you to feel that the pieces of the puzzle fit together, that connected things are where they should be. Being in tune with our purpose allows us to flow and understand that within the chaos everything moves at the same time, there is a movement that synchronizes all events.


Quantum physics explains that in the Universe everything is happening at the same time. When we do a “regression” we are not literally seeing past lives, in reality, they are stories that belong in some way to simultaneous existences, latent stories that directly concern the present.

We can conceive the Universe as a toroid or a three-dimensional spiral through which we transit momentarily. Within this spiral, each present constituted by the now, now, now; corresponds to a space-time location. Time does not stop and is governed by the change. Consequently, this coordinate is in each different present, because it travels, it is always in motion and as a radio station it tunes on-off, activating and deactivating different time lines that connect the present with possible “past” and possible “future” .

We could understand then, that doing a regression means accessing parallel existences that correspond to certain coordinates that have a direct connection with our present. Our body is like an onion made up of different dimensions, it is not necessary to go too far to obtain the information or experiences that had-have-they will have in those other coordinates. All the chronicles of the trajectory that we trace within this spiral called life, reside in the microcosm contained in every cell of our body. It is in each cell and therefore within the same / a where all the memories of other existences dwell.

Accessing the information itself is much simpler than it seems. By doing a “regression” you directly access what is coexisting in our present. To do a “regression” means to carry out a guided meditation. Meditation allows a state of relaxation where the person is daydreaming and I was able to consciously narrate aloud everything I see and perceive. There are people who are more visual, others describe the sounds, smells, temperature … or even the touch of things. As information is received is indifferent, what matters is to access the content of the story to recognize it, experience it and transcend it.


Hypnotism and hypnosis are cultisms formed on the basis of the verb ὑπνοῦν (hypnon = sleep, dream). Hypnosis belongs to an old concept, television and movies have created many myths about hypnosis. The “hypnotist” is no more than a mediator who helps achieve a moderate or deep degree of relaxation. Instead of hypnosis you can also use the term relaxed concentration or meditation.

The parla carries intrinsic a hypnotic characteristic. If we sharpen our perception of reality we can observe that reality is already hypnotic in itself, the way of speaking creates a reality, we are in a constant hypnosis being hypnotized and hypnotizing. Communicating with a person lying on a stretcher is equivalent to communicating with others in our daily life. The importance is in the presence that each of the words that make up our phrases and intentions in communication acquire.


Next Wednesday, June 20 at 8pm at AyurVida Ibiza 
We will have Clàudia Reig Martín professional of the regressions to share his experience, work and present the course of Formation of Regressions that he will give in the next month of July.
The training is aimed at those people who want to learn to do regressions either for their own development as a professional.

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