Within traditional Chinese medicine, (MTC), is the first therapeutic system that has been recorded, there are several techniques. Not everything is putting needles; herbal medicine, massage, exercises, diet, and moxibustion are part of this system.

It reads an old aphorism in the MTC “where the needle does not arrive, the moxa arrives”. This makes us take into account that there are therapeutic situations in which the use of the moxa is essential.

The moxa is usually an artemisia cigar that radiates heat when it is burned, and when it is brought close to certain areas or points, it “calls for energy”.

The heat produced by moxa is adequate radiation for the body to assimilate. Therefore, it does not have the same effect if it is done with other sources of heat, such as infrared lamps.

The disharmonies in which it is essential to use the moxa are, as we can understand, those that have a cold origin, with their respective combinations, cold and damp, wind and cold.

According to the MTC, the cold tight and slows down the energetic circulation, that is why by making a direct contribution of heat, as an antagonist of the cold, it disperses, letting the energy flow normally.

There are many common disharmonies that have their origin in the cold. Numerous algias, organic dysfunctions, moods, and acute processes, such as colds, flu, migraines, etc., have their cold origin with their different combinations.

That is why the use of the moxa is recommended, as well as efficient, with the advantage that its application is simple.

The simplicity in its application is what leads to this technique to be a very valuable resource to restore health and maintain it, because the use of moxibustion in certain points, strengthens the body immunizing.

Always remember that TCM is a martial art that defends you from illness.

By: Jesús Rodríguez, professor of traditional Chinese medicine at the Huan An Men hospital in Beijing and the CEMETC center

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