“Tibetan medicine is the most important legacy of the Buddhist civilization of Tibet… it accentuates the indivisible interdependence of mind, body and vitality. As an integrated health system, it has served its people effectively for centuries and I believe it can still be very beneficial for humanity”.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

The Traditional Tibetan Medicine (MTT) or Sowa Rigpa is the science of Tibet healing.

Its roots have emerged from Bon Shamanism for more than 2,500 years and are formally developed from the Hindu (Ayurveda), Greek, Persian (Unani) and Chinese medical systems in the 4th century; takes its current and differentiated form in the twelfth century, definitely imbricated with Tibetan Buddhism.

The MTT is a complete and natural medical system that perceives man in a holistic way: body, mind, soul, energy and environment. Healing is promoted by balancing the 3 basic principles: Lung or movement, Tripe or heat and Baken or cold, as the disease results from its imbalance.

The diagnosis is made mainly by the pulse, which determines the state of the internal organs. Also urine, tongue and skin are studied. Diagnosing by the pulse is complex, it takes years to learn it and decades to become an expert.
With the right hand of the doctor on the left wrist of the consultant, the index auscultates the heart and the small intestine (fire element), the middle finger reads the spleen and stomach (earth), the middle finger the left kidney and the reproductive organs ( Water). With the left hand on the right wrist, the index finger reads the lung and large intestine (metal) the middle finger the liver and gall bladder (wood), and the middle finger the right kidney and the bladder (water).

Pills, massages, acupuncture, changes in lifestyle and diet are used for the treatment of diseases. The Sowa Rigpa seeks to rebalance – based on the middle Buddhist path – extreme imbalances in the three main energies and the five elements, excesses or errors in the diet and bad habits of life.

The medicines, up to 250 different preparations, are made with medicinal plants -collected in the Himalayas and Tibet- and minerals; Up to 2,294 medicinal substances are used. This medication has no side effects. During their processing, they are blessed and energized following elaborate Buddhist rituals

It is an effective medical system, safe and complementary to Western medicine. As an integrated system of health care, Tibetan medicine has effectively served its people for centuries and can still be beneficial to humanity today. MTT is especially useful for chronic situations such as digestive disorders, asthma, arthritis, eczema, sinusitis, liver and kidney problems, circulation, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, heart and nervous system.

Tibetan medicine is closely related to Tibetan astrology, and although it is not commonly used in the West for diagnoses, it is used for the collection of plants and the preparation of medicines. The disease is understood from a Buddhist perspective, and its origin is determined, usually at a mental and emotional level.

From the Buddhist perspective, which permeates this medical system, the feeling of individuality (the self) and the three poisons of the mind: desire, hatred and ignorance, give rise to suffering and illness. The three principles are related to poisons:

  • Lung or movement with desire and attachment, materialism and affects the blood circulation, nervous and energetic, to thoughts and digestion.
  • Tripa or heat with aversion, hatred, aggression and anger and connects with assimilation, liver, vision and mental functions.
  • Beken or cold with ignorance and not understanding. It affects digestion, structure, joints and mental stability.

Men-Tsee-Khang, the School of Medicine and Astrology, is the main medical institute, founded in 1916 by its sanctity the XIII Dalai Lama in Lhasa. Restored in Dharamsala in 1961 after exile by S.S. the XIV Dalai Lama. They train Tibetan doctors, in addition to the Sorig drug line. Tibetan doctors are also trained in Benares. The Buddha of Medicine or Menla is the archetype that promotes healing. It is sapphire blue and its commitment is the health of all sentient beings. Although it is not necessary, it is useful to repeat your mantra when taking the medicines, because in this way they are impregnated with your energy. The Medicine Buddha’s mantra is “Tayata Om Bekantse Bekantse, Maha Bekantse Bekantse, Ramsa Samugate Soham”.
In Spain little by little the MMT is known and applied, with very good results, since several Tibetan doctors visit our country. AyurVida Ibiza has already been with Dr. Sangye Dolma and Lama Jampa Chojor.

Doctor Sangye Dolma the only Doctor in Tibetan Medicine with an official title from the Faculty of Tibetan Medicine of Venarés, who is currently consulting in Spain.
Lama Jampa Chojor is formed in traditional Tibetan medicine, with a very special sensibility and healing ability.

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