8The Eight Verses of Mind Training
Geshe Langri Thangpa

1. Thinking that all sentient beings
they are more valuable than the jewel that satisfies desires,
in order to achieve the supreme goal
I will always consider them with affection.

2. Whenever he is in the company of others,
I will see myself as the most insignificant among them,
and from the depths of my heart
I will appreciate others as supreme.

3. In each of my actions, I will monitor my mind
and in the moment that destructive emotions arise,
I will confront them with force and I will separate them,
since they would hurt both me and the others.

4. Whenever I see beings with bad intentions,
or those overwhelmed by negative behavior and suffering
I will appreciate them as something very scarce,
as if he had found a treasure that has no price.

5. Whenever someone, out of envy,
do me wrong by attacking or despising me,
I will take the defeat on me
and I will give the victory to others.

6. Even when someone I have helped,
or on which he has placed great hopes
mistreat me very unfairly,
I will contemplate that person as a true spiritual master.

7. In short, directly or indirectly,
I will offer help and happiness to all my mothers,
and secretly, I will make mine
all their damage and suffering.

8. I will learn to maintain these practices
free from the corruption of the thoughts of the eight worldly concerns.
That he recognizes all things as illusory,
and without attachment, obtain liberation from slavery!

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