“In India, Ayurveda hospitals and allopathic doctors work together and share spaces, both doctors collaborate in the research that most benefits patients, and there is increasing scientific and statistical research that technically demonstrates that therapies such as Ayurveda work and they help to heal the body and the mind… “


 We are in times in which it is essential to unite and collaborate, rather than compete and criticize. What works, works, and if so, all that is useful and healthy for human life is welcome. We live in a technified world in which the old traditions proven over millennia have been buried and forgotten for the sake of technology, industry and profitability, forgetting the true meaning of health. The western medical system is a system based on attending to the symptomatology of the disease, instead of looking for the true cause in the whole Being, in body, mind and spirit. That does not mean that there are not certain things that are very useful, that work, and that save many lives in the Western system.

We must remember that this has its sources in ancestral medicines, such as Ayurveda, when being taken to Greece by Alexander the Great, and in the system of humors, and elements, with which they are not antagonistic but can complement each other. In India, Ayurveda hospitals and allopathic hospitals work together, sharing spaces, both doctors collaborate in the research that most benefits patients. Every time there is more scientific research and statistics that technically demonstrate that therapies like Ayurveda, work and help to heal the body and mind. The tests are there, and they are expanding. In Spain it will still cost that these medicines are accepted and that they begin to be used officially. The great part of the money reserved for Health goes to the pharmaceutical companies that continue to be enriched at the expense of our health, with which preventive, detoxifying and balancing therapies are not yet of interest, the business would end. It is good to know what problems it is good to use Ayurveda or other natural therapies, and when and in what cases to use allopathic medicines. Without prejudices or fears, without enemies, collaborating between different systems to keep humanity healthier and less dependent.

At AyurVida Ibiza we want to put a bit to teach this eternal medicine of health, and we put a space to learn and to heal.

This coming month will open its doors the clinic with which we collaborate Fisioquiros, in which we want to unite techniques of official physiotherapy, but using natural means and above all offering more manual therapies and less machines. Nowadays the physiotherapy centers work on a protocol basis, they do not take care of or touch almost the patients and they are entrusted to very expensive machines, that the doctors and therapists have told us that it is not fully proven that they work or work for everyone. world in the same way. If you want to know a personalized way to treat patients, you are invited to meet us at AyurVida Ibiza, Avenida de España 96, 1b, and at the Fisioquiros clinic on Avenida de España nº 93-95 More information:

www.ayurvidaibiza.com & www.masalladelviaje.com

Original published Aarti magazine, July 2014