Pujas are prayers and blessings that monks perform, in order to harmonize the energies of people, homes or new projects and work. Its practice favors the success and luck of the participants and improves the quality of life.

They are also practices to increase faith and energy in the spiritual path. They are accompanied by offerings to the deities, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and protectors, in order to remove all obstacles and negativities, disharmony, and provide success to members who live in the house or work in the place and improve the quality of life .

The Pujas are powerful rituals that include requests to the Buddhas and meditations (visualizations and mantras) for physical, emotional and mental purification, as well as to heal diseases or repetitive aspects in life (karmas). They manage to harmonize the energies of households, families or the sites and working groups in which they are carried out

Traditional instruments are used: Dorje, Campana, Damaru – small ritual drum – and sometimes trumpets and cymbals. The pujas are deep rituals and at the same time colorful, impressive and true. The pujas in the hogres and as houses are habitual practice in the Tibetan culture, in which they invite the lamas to realize them periodically. They are made by Tibetan monks ancestrally.

Pujas or Blessing of Home, Families or Business
Pujas in homes and families are ceremonies of about 45 minutes, which are carried out by two monks and can participate all family members and friends invited. You have to prepare flowers, rice (without cooking) and water.

Grenn Tara Puja (Success and Love)
Purifica obstáculos, atrae éxito en negocios y paz, armonía y felicidad en las relaciones con nuestra familia, amigos y compañeros de trabajo.

Inciense Puja (Luck)
Before starting a business, embarking on a long journey or starting a new year, or when things go wrong over and over again.

Kangso Puja (Eliminate Obstacles)
We eliminate all types of negative influence of our life, the environment or jealousy and envy.

Fire Puja (and sand Mandala)
Long ceremony dedicated to bringing peace to people who have passed away. It attracts peace, well-being and eliminates suffering, eliminates diseases and completely purifies the environment. Forever the presence of supernatural facts. It is carried out in very solemn festivities.


1. Explanation 20 min
2. Meditation Tong Len (give and take) 20 min
3. CHOD ceremony 20 min


The Geshe Larampa Jhampa Choden and Lobsang Yishe without high masters of Gaden Shartse, by Nyagre Khangtsen. This house of monks was founded by disciples of the great yogi Ñagserin, practitioner of the deity yogini Dorje Pagmo (Vajrayogini), which includes the very special and powerful practice of Chod.

It is a great opportunity to have these great masters, direct representatives of the Chod lineage

The practice of Chod is an ancient tradition whose meaning is “cut through”. Cut obstacles, negativity and self-deception. The combination of all the elements of Tibetan Buddhism in a single practice, provokes a direct experience of the Clear Light and of the Wisdom that realizes the Emptiness. Chod’s practice cultivates intrepidity, certainty and compassion, which connects us with our deepest essence. The unique combination of sacred song, ritual instruments, meditation and visualization creates a rich tapestry that expands our everyday experience and redefines the limited sense of self. It is also the practice of definitive and permanent generosity, the diminution of illness, suffering and spiritual blindness of sentient beings, and the healing of distorted environmental energies.


Through the practice of Chod, he aims to achieve complete enlightenment in this life, in this same body. To this end, the accumulation of wisdom and merit is quickly perfected, clearing vast oceans of negative karma that we have collected through infinite lives. Chod also has remarkable effects, both on ourselves and on those around us:

External level: the environment, climate, ecology, agriculture and livestock can be affected by Chod, which brings rain, ends the drought and makes crops thrive and herds increase.

Material level: our career, financial and material success, relationships are very influenced by our karma.

Internal level: our body and health are directly affected by our negative karma; It has been used to quell epidemics and treat the most difficult types of diseases.

Secret level: Our minds are deeply affected by the ignorance of the self-existent self. Through the practice of Chod the obstacles are cleared, the erroneous visions are cut off and a deep compassion is generated towards all beings.

Aryadeva tells us in her hundred comments on Chod:
o It is like a wisdom elixir that is able to clarify all the obscurations.
o It is like a sword that cuts through all the illusions and confusions.
or Chod is like a key that can open the door of all the oral instructions, all the teachings and transmissions of Vajrayana, the Way of the Secret Mantra.

Orgyen Rinpoche describes the meditative effects of Chod:
o Clears the spiritual path of obstacles and moves quickly
o In a moment, it occurs as a year of meditation
o In a single day of Chod meditation, the demon of pride can be completely eliminated.

Machik is even more direct explaining the power of Chod:
or One hundred Powas can not match it.
o Meditate, think or simply hear the teaching about the confusion of internal attention, allows rebirth in a higher plane of consciousness.
o If you do not deviate during Chod practice, the Buddha is in the palm of your hand.


Success and Prosperity
Tara is the protector in the spiritual path, the mother of all the Buddhas. Historically, she was the first Tibetan woman to be enlightened. There are 21 emanations of Tara. Consort of Avalokiteswara.

Tara is the feminine aspect of the Buddha of compassion, Avalokiteshwara, of which S.S. The Dalai Lama is the human emanation. Tibetans see her as an enlightened mother, always ready to help. The practice of Tara helps us to awaken our potential for enlightened compassion. The Puja of Tara generates good karma, facilitating the spiritual path for the participants and the people for whom it is requested.

“Tara eliminates the problems of everyday life, including premature death, improving disease recovery, providing success in business, finding a job, and wealth. In cases of serious problems, such as life-threatening diseases, Tara usually eliminates the problem and you will recover from the disease. ” Lama Zopa Rinpoche

There are 21 Taras. Tara Blanca is to have a long life. Tara Verde helps you in any situation, for example, in case a woman wants to get pregnant or in cases of needing money, Tara Verde always helps; this is said in the Tara Tantra.

The Green Tara Mantra is “Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha”.

4Kangso Puja

To Eliminate Obstacles

In the Kangso puja, Palden Lhamo or Mahakali, protector of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, is invoked. This puja or ritual of purification is destined to eliminate negativities and obstacles in our life.

Palden Lhamo is a protector of the “angry” Dharma or Deity, who saves us from mental darkness and doubt. Provides certainty and confidence


5Vajravidharan Purification 

Energy Cleaning
Vajravidaran means the Supreme Destroyer of evil

Vajravidarana or Dorje Namjom in Tibetan, is a deity of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism specializing in purification of people and their environments. Dorje Namjom is one of the main meditation deities of Tantra yoga.

It is very powerful to cleanse the body, speech and mind of all sentient beings from any contamination, material or spiritual. For millennia, the great Tibetan yogis have lived long, healthy and prosperous lives due to the practice of Vajravidaran.

Purification Ceremony with Vajravidharan:

Vajravidaran is the Buddhist deity of purification, which removes all contamination, negative attitude and erroneous behavior made with the body, mind and speech. Besides the possible impurities at all levels, it also eliminates its origin (Karma), external sources and obstacles, caused by natural imbalances, or negative zodiacal influences. It also eliminates the causes of diseases and negativities of unknown origin. After the purification, a protective shield is created with the Vajra (the object that it carries in the right hand and that represents the spiritual diamond force), that protects for the future. The ceremony is carried out in 3 phases: first, removing the current negativities , then their waste, and finally protecting the person for the future.
The teacher takes the form of this Buddha through a previous meditation and applies the power of Vajravidaran to cleanse those present and free them from possible premature deaths, illnesses, negative influences of the stars, envy and congenital factors, among others.

The ceremony includes a symbolic ritual bath with purified water (a few drops above the head and other parts of the body). With the energy of mantras, bells, and other elements of power, the Master removes the karmic energetic links that affect physical, mental, affective or work situations from the audience.

The ritual increases personal power and empowers the self-healing faculties and the positive energy of the person. Cleans the chakras and the subtle energies of the body. Reduces frustration, depression and anxiety. Eliminate nightmares, negative dreams; it brings health, happiness, long life, and success. It is a traditional ceremony and very practiced in the Himalayas and Tibet.

This ceremony takes place in private and in groups.

MANTRA: Nama Tsanda, Vajra Krodaya, Hulu Hulu, Tishta Tishta, Banda Banda, Hana Hana, Amrita, Hum Phat. 

6Green Tara Psychosanization

Through Green Tara, negative energies that may affect the person and produce diseases caused by envy, jealousy or black magic are cut off. With ancestral shamanic aspects (mantras, peacock feathers and the vajra are used), it is a very special ceremony.

This ceremony is done individually or in small groups.

7Chedrol of Yamantaka Psychosanization

Through Yamantaka, negative energies that may affect the person and produce diseases caused by envy, jealousy or black magic are cut off. With ancestral shamanic aspects (mantras, peacock feathers and the vajra are used), it is a very special ceremony.

This ceremony is done individually or in small groups.