Ayurveda takes care of everything that makes life worth living. A good Ayurvedic therapist must have the same feeling and the same motivation in a treatment as a great chef in the preparation of a dish. This feeling develops as the therapist becomes attuned to nature. No doctor heals, nor any medicine, it is the own nature transformed into immune system and self healing capacity that heals us. The therapists are channels through which Nature can work its magic, and this magic is physical and tangible that although we do not know it in certain cases, we can intuit it.

Ayurveda is a way of life, a way to know how to cooperate with Nature and how to live in harmony with it. To live a long life and rejuvenate we would have to stop a bit the fast pace we have climbed. Just as a turtle is much longer lived than a hummingbird, a more leisurely and relaxed life will keep us younger and healthier. People complain that in many cases Ayurveda works slowly, but slowness is an important part of the remedy, especially today that the disease of hurry and stress is suffered. Technology has expanded the speed in our lives, but not the capacity of our bodies to admit that speed.

Ayurveda deals with a deep understanding of the movements of the life force and its manifestations with our entire psychophysical system, we are not an accident or a separate biological complex, but an expression of the living consciousness that is universal in all of Nature, which is inherently wise and has the ability to balance and transform herself once her nature is understood. Claiming this connection with life as a whole is the real basis of healing, not manipulating nature and life force with artificial drugs and substances that unbalance and spoil us.

Ayurveda considers the unique and personal nature as a health factor, not the common disease made independent. It is a holistic and natural medicine that teaches us how to find our natural health and reveals our deepest energies to live a full life.

In the past, human beings did not control and bend nature to their will, then they had no other option but to know and cooperate with it. Instead of expensive instruments, they cultivated their intuitive diagnostic skills. By living in communion with nature, they observed the effects of plants, seasons, behaviors of animals and learned to interact with them for mutual benefit, and they were transmitting this information from generation to generation until today.

It is for us at AyurVida Ibiza, a pleasure and an honor to continue transmitting these ancestral and universal knowledge through our courses. These months of October and November we will carry out two intensive courses on Ayurveda, its basic principles and massages and its most important detoxification and rejuvenation treatments, always using all the highest quality oils from India, as well as wooden massage couches and original Kerala utensils.

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