Medical Biomagnetism

Magnet Therapy

Therapy that occupies magnets of medium intensity to regulate the Ph of your body and in this way stabilizes it eliminating all viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, causing an extraordinary improvement and giving the energy that our body requires. This therapeutic technique also acts on emotions and energy centers.

    What is the procedure that follows?

    Biomagnetism is a remarkable therapeutic system that was developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz of Mexico, from 1988 onwards, and that makes use of powerful magnets to fight viruses and other germs that are in the background of many serious diseases.

    The Biomagnetism of Dr. Goiz, operates in periods of 15 to 25 minutes, with small high power magnets that are located in pairs with both polarities in very specific sites of the body, where viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites are hidden, previously identified. These germs do not resist the magnetic impact and succumb, facilitating the recovery of serious ailments, in a large percentage of cases. This corresponds to the great discovery of the concept of the “biomagnetic pair”.

    The Biomagnetic Pair has three well-defined elements:

    (Positive Pole +) acid pH
    Presence of Virus
    Normal Energy Level
    (NEN) = HEALTH
    (Negative pole -) Alkaline pH
    Presence of Bacteria

    Those of us who have had the fortune to witness the results of this therapy, can testify that in a few sessions, a large percentage of patients experience rapid and notable improvements, which are not commonly seen with other treatments.

    This is mainly due to the annihilation of the elusive viruses, which, as we know, are very difficult to treat for conventional medicine, which only succeeds in exterminating bacteria by means of antibiotics.

    Some diseases that Biomagnetism deals with

    Hepatic, endocrine, respiratory, articular, immunological, gastrointestinal, chronic-degenerative, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, energetic and emotional.


    The origin of the word BIO (LIFE) and MAGNETISM (force of attraction and repulsion of a magnet) is the union of two words to define a magnetic therapy that works with magnetic fields driven by magnets or electro-magnets.


    * In clinical rehabilitation due to accident traumas.

    * Analgesic, anti-inflammatory in myoarticular osteo.

    * Biochemical, cellular, tissue and systemic effects.


    There are no absolute contraindications for the use of an integral magnetotherapy.

    However, there are situations that require special precautions, are the following:

    * After a long period of treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    * Patients with pacemakers.

    * Pregnancy (until 3 months).

    * Carriers of organ transplants.


    * During a treatment with magnets, sleep is the next symptom.

    * Temporary increase in intensity of symptoms but with a tendency to decrease 5-17 minutes later.

    * Increase in diuresis after 1 h.aprox. From the beginning of therapy.

    * Hormigueos, heat, freshness in the affected parts with a subjective duration.


    * Physiological influence that stimulates the body to its own healing.

    * It is complementary with any alternative and medical treatment.

    * It is painless.

    * It has a simple execution for the patient.

    * It has a high penetration power.

    * The effects obtained always last beyond the end of the treatment.

    * In the presence of bruises, serohematomas, abscesses of any level, the speed that helps the resorption of these lesions is spectacular even in the presence of bacterial and viral infections.


    With magnets we treat viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, as well as the Body / Soul connection, achieving a complete and lasting healing.
    The energy of the Soul is what gives life and also protects our physical body, for a complete healing we must take it into account and heal the memories of shock, of pain, close cracks in our aura, etc., thus restoring our energy shield to that can not access viruses, bacteria, and other harmful agents.

    The session

    Duration: 60-90 minutes
    Price: 65 €


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