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🌱 AyurVera, a self-sufficient, sustainable and freedom place where we offer therapies, retreats, trips, courses and practices related to Ayurveda. Very necessary and useful activities in the life we ​​protect. Our goal is to contribute to preserve an absolutely useful and proven practice for millennia and backed by the scientific method, which helps you to stay as healthy and balanced as possible, in a totally efficient way, working on diet, exercise, relaxation, meditation and using different therapies and oil massages. All these methods are absolutely natural, and cares about each person individually, respecting the different biotypes and the particularities of each one. They are relaxing, anti-stress and rejuvenating therapies, as they calm the mind and body and help detoxify them, rejuvenating and balancing every organ. Retreats, therapies and teachings, try to relax and balance body and mind, so necessary in these unbridled and stressful times.

✨ 📍  All this in the middle of nature, 18 hectares in La Vera of Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain), in between forests of enormous oaks, cork oaks, holm oaks, wild olive trees and hackberry trees, surrounded by the mountains and hills of Gredos, next to lakes and springs. The upper part of the farm shares a wall with a Celtic Veton Castro in which local tribes lived long before and used the place as a sacred and ritualistic place, as evidenced by its “cazoletas”. From the farm there are infinite views of the final valley of La Vera, Monfragüe and the mountains of Toledo in the south, and the mountains and infinite forests of the natural area of ​​the Boyal dehesa and Gredos summits. From the land you cannot see any town or road, exclusively nature and its silence, only touched by the sound of the birds and the branches of the trees with the wind. However, this natural area is located next to Gargüera de la Vera, just 8 km from the city of Plasencia, 2 hours from Madrid and 1 from Portugal by road.

✨ 🐎 In our project, we also offer treatment with horses, in which we will have from therapies to meditations, classes and rides. Natural dressage is something that should be protected and extended, since it treats the horse as a very noble being that interacts with the human being in many of its needs, both physical and emotional, and on the land they live freely in several hectares surrounded by forest.

✨ ⛩  In addition, we have been working for years with several Tibetan monks on different projects, collaborating with Tibetan culture for more than twenty years. They emphasize peace of mind, compassion, respect and offer absolutely useful tools in these times. Without belonging to any creed or religion, we consider these Tibetan practices and teachings as spiritual tools of very high quality and utility, regardless of their religious-cultural context. We collaborate with the foundation “Garden of Compassion” directed by Ven. Lama Jampa in which we plan to build a small Tibetan “gompa” and a meeting place with different monks who will bring their ancient practices and teachings.

✨ 🏡 📖 The natural construction of several cabins and common places and infrastructures, a library of Ayurveda and ancient cultures and civilizations and different themes in which to preserve teachings of our ancestors that are still useful today. With a study, debate and conversation center to maintain, share and in which to carry out these activities. Offer and maintain these philosophies of life and that they are not lost or undervalued by the maelstrom and dehumanization of the modern world. May they help us to remain fully human and calm, in peace and freedom.

👩🏻‍⚕️ We will offer personalized retreats in which each one, according to their biotype and circumstances, is treated individually, attended by the doctor in Ayurvedic medicine Dhara Barai, or by the doctor in Tibetan medicine Lama Jampa. These retreats intend, within a natural environment in the middle of the forest, in a beautiful chestnut wood cabin, to fully relax the body and mind, full rest, and connection with nature and its cycles, rejuvenation, detox and treatments for the body and mind, restoring personal balance with yourself and with nature.

🙏🏽  The AyurVera project is the most important practical part of our non-profit AyurVida Ibiza research association. Everything we offer can be remunerated by exchange, both product and work, by donation or barter, and any profit will be invested directly in the land and in the project so that it can continue to exist and perform its function. It is a project made with the heart and for the heart, not for the pocket. If we want to change the cold, inhuman, disconnected and timid mercantilist world to which our civilization tends, and make it more humane, wholesome and lasting, we have to do our bit to achieve it, our pure intention.

Very welcome!

Do you want to collaborate with the project? 

We are doing a crowdfunding to continue with the construction and maintenance. So if you want to be part of the project and also have an experience with us, very welcome!

You can collaborate with any voluntary contribution or by paying in advance for any of our services.

What is in parentheses put it as a concept, and what has a price we appreciate it as a minimum contribution, thank you very much!

✨ 🏡 (Thank you) Voluntary contribution for buildings and animal feed
✨ ⛩ (Temples) Voluntary contribution construction of temples
✨ 📖 (Book) 30€ – Do you want to read Kike’s latest book? We send it to you!
✨ 💆🏼‍♀️ (Champi) 40€ – Head massage
✨ 🐎 (Horses) 50€ – Meditation with horses and ponies
✨ 🙌🏽 (Abhyangam) 75€ – Full body massage
✨ 🌍 (Travel) 100€ – Magical trips around the world with @masalladelviaje (www.masalladelviaje.com)
Discountable advance payment on any of our trips

📍Massages can be done at the AyurVera cabin, (traditional Ayurveda in La Vera), in Ibiza, and different locations around the world, depending on availability and preference of the patient 🌍🥰🙌🏽

✨Thank you very much and welcome!

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